9 Awful Fashion Sins to Avoid Committing This Summer

There are plenty of easy ways to look your best this summer, whether that’s opting for a timeless look or getting brave with some new prints and patterns. But even if you do everything else right, there are still a few fashion sins you should avoid committing this summer. Think you know what we’re talking about? Check out our list of fashion no no’s for the season, and make sure that you and your friends are in the clear.

1. Choosing shorts or skirts that are way too short

A model parades a creation from Australian label Aje during a showing of their new collection at Fashion Week Australia in Sydney on May 16, 2016. / AFP / WILLIAM WEST (Photo credit should read WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)

Everyone loves a great skirt or pair of shorts, but make sure that the style you choose is long enough | William West/ AFP/ Getty Images

When the heat and humidity are sky-high, it’s tempting to wear as little fabric as possible. But it’s always important to make sure that your clothes actually fit and are flattering. Especially if you’re no longer a teenager, it’s a good idea to keep things classy and ensure that your shorts or skirt aren’t too short. You should be especially careful with denim shorts and skirts, which easily skew much younger than you want them to be.

2. Wearing clothes that aren’t age-appropriate

That leads us to our next point. If your little sister, middle-school-aged cousin, or daughter would wear it, it’s probably not something you should wear. There are plenty of sundresses, skirts, and tank tops that were designed for women, not girls, and won’t make you look like you’ve been shopping in the wrong section of the store.

3. Pairing sandals with socks

Let’s start with an obvious one. You might think that nobody in their right mind really still pairs sandals and socks — but the look still appears often enough that the warning bears repeating. The combination doesn’t do much to protect your feet from dirt or rough terrain, and it’s certainly not doing your outfit any favors. Either wear a pair of sandals sans socks, or opt for a closed shoe instead.

4. Loading up on logos and graphics

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 16: Cara Delevingne walks the Runway at the Sister by Sibling presentation during London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013/14 at ICA on February 16, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Graphics and logos can look good in moderation, but make sure that you don’t go overboard | Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

We all love a great graphic tee, particularly one that looks classic and tasteful. But if you’re wearing clothes emblazoned with logos and graphics from head to toe, you probably need to rethink your look. Plastering yourself with designer logos is never a good look, and juvenile graphic tees make you look a lot younger (and much less wise) than you really are. Additionally, it usually isn’t a good look to wear sports logos on days other than game days.

5. Wearing anything that exposes your undergarments

It’s the summer of tank tops, sundresses, and white jeans. But it’s almost never a flattering look to wear an outfit that exposes your bra straps or clings to the lines of your panties. You could make an argument for wearing a silk top that subtly shows off a nice bra, but a skirt that makes the cut of your undergarments obvious or a strapless dress worn with anything other than a strapless bra are both bad ideas.

6. Choosing flip flops for any setting but the beach

Though there are plenty of people who refuse to wear flip flops at all, it would be hard to argue that they aren’t useful at the beach. But nobody wants to hear the slapping of your flip flops anywhere but the boardwalk. Don’t wear them to the office, don’t wear them to a concert, and if you can avoid it, don’t wear them to the mall or the grocery store — where plenty of people will be annoyed by the telltale noise of your footwear of choice.

7. Refusing to take care of your feet

avoid these fashion sins this summer

If you plan to wear shoes that show off your feet, make sure you’re taking basic care of your skin and nails | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We’d never make the argument that a fresh pedicure is a prerequisite to wearing a pair of sandals. But for the sake of your own comfort and others’ sanity, please make sure to take basic care of your feet. Slough off the dry skin every once in a while and make sure that your toenails aren’t yellowed or overgrown before you put on a pair of shoes designed to show off your feet.

8. Wearing obtrusive tennis shoes on vacation

There’s no quicker way to make it obvious that you’re a tourist than wearing an obtrusive pair of sneakers to walk around Paris or sightsee in a tropical location. If you need comfortable footwear, opt for a low-profile pair of classic canvas sneakers instead (we’re partial to Supergas or Jack Purcells).

9. Carrying a backpack or a fanny pack

Sure, you probably need a backpack to carry your books and laptop around during the school year or on your way to work. But there’s no excuse for carrying a backpack — or even worse, a fanny pack — when you’re on vacation this summer. Both make it obvious that you’d be a good target for pickpockets. And by picking either, you’re missing out on tons of cute options for cross body bags and other handbags that make it easy to carry your essentials in style.

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