These Are the Most Flattering Jeans for Under $100

Shopping for jeans can be a real struggle, especially when it comes to finding a pair that flatters both our bodies and our budgets. And while it may be hard to believe — especially after breaking out into a sweat while trying on what feels like 100 pairs — the perfect pair of affordable denim does actually exist.

To prove it to you, we’re sharing a roundup of the most flattering pairs of jeans for under $100, ahead.

1. Gap Mid-Rise Best Girlfriend Jeans

Gap Girlfriend jeans

Sometimes you want your jeans comfy. | GAP

Price: $69.95

Similar to boyfriend jeans — only, more flattering — girlfriend jeans are one of our favorite styles out there. And these Mid-Rise Best Girlfriend Jeans from the Gap are at the top of our list. The jeans come in three different cuts — regular, tall, and petite — and a range of sizes, so finding a pair that fits is a breeze.

2. Topshop Dree Released Hem Flare Jeans

Release hem topshop jeans

They’re the perfect combination of trendy and classic. | Nordstrom

Price: $75

Looks like the released hem trend is here to stay, and these Dree Released Hem Flare Jeans from Topshop are a must-have. We love the flattering mid-rise style paired with an even more flattering flared ankle. And while these cropped jeans may look expensive, they’re actually quite the opposite. Score!

3. Style & Co Curvy-Fit Bootcut Jeans

Curvy bootcut jean

No more waist gap! | Macy’s

Price: $49

In case you missed it: Bootcut and flare denim jeans are back in style and look great on everybody, especially if you have curves. The Curvy-Fit Bootcut Jeans from Style & Co come in five different washes — our favorite being Capside — and a variety of different sizes, so you can find a pair that fits you like a glove.

4. Ann Taylor Raw-Hem Wide Leg Crop Jeans

Ann Taylor raw hem jean

This pair has all the trends. | Ann Taylor

Price: $89

Speaking of flare, we love the wide leg crop jeans look, and these raw hem ones from Ann Taylor are stunning. The wash — aka “Ocean Tide” — is the perfect mix of light and medium denim with a hint of dark denim down at the ankles. The wide leg can be ultra flattering and worn dressed up with heels and a blouse, or dressed down with sandals or sneakers and your favorite tee.

5. Levi’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans

Levi's shaping jeans

Mega flattering and affordable. | Levi’s

Price: $64.50

A pair of jeans designed specifically to shape your body? Say no more! Made to slim the look of your stomach, lengthen your legs, and lift your rear end, the 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans from Levi’s are one of the most flattering pairs of jeans on this list. And guess what? They’re less than $70 a pop! With over 10 washes to choose from, these are a staple.

6. Zara The High Waist Jeans With Button Fly

Zara highwaist button fly skinny

A spin on a classic. | Zara

Price: $49.90

You know what they say about dark denim: It’s very slimming. We love The High Waist Jeans With Button Fly from Zara for their slimming dark wash, stretchy denim material, and button fly detail. Pair these with your favorite sweater and a pair of booties for cooler weather or a plain white tee and a pair of sandals for warmer weather, and you’re good to go.

7. Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Destructed Skinny Jeans

Old Navy Rockstar Jean

You can’t beat this price. | Old Navy

Price: $34.99

Looking for a flattering pair of jeans at a price that can’t be beat? Stop by your local Old Navy and pick up a pair of their Mid-Rise Rockstar Destructed Skinny Jeans. At $34.99 a pop, these extremely affordable jeans come in short, regular, and long lengths, as well as a variety of sizes to choose from — so finding a pair that fits (and flatters) won’t be an issue. We love the added distressed wash and “worn in” rips.