These Are the Frustrating Ways Amazon’s Alexa Is a Total Failure

Smart home devices are supposed to make our lives easier, but like with other forms of technology, there are downsides. For Amazon Echo — aka, Alexa — owners, you know the frustrations all too well.

From unauthorized purchases to not understanding a simple question, we share the most frustrating reasons why Amazon’s Alexa is a total failure, ahead.

1. She lets your kids order toys on Amazon

Amazon Alexa echo orders dollhouse

It’s not funny when you get the expensive charge. | CBSDFW via Youtube

While it makes for a funny news story, it’s not exactly funny when Alexa charges your account for something your kids asked her to order.

2. She may also order things she hears on TV

Amazon Alexa Echo orders from TV

Alexa overheard a news story and almost ordered the same thing. | WCPO via Youtube

In addition to granting your kids’ wishes, Alexa has apparently picked up on news stories about kids ordering toys through the Echo. One woman’s Echo overheard a news story on TV about a young child ordering an expensive dollhouse and, much to her surprise, started ordering the exact dollhouse. Luckily, she caught her in time and was able to cancel before making the purchase.

3. ‘Sorry I don’t know that’ is her excuse for everything

Amazon Echo on a table

Alexa has plenty of things she doesn’t know. | Amazon

Alexa know nothing. Or, so it seems. If you aren’t asking her a specific question that she’s programmed to answer, or to order something from her mothership, most of the time you’ll get a ‘sorry I don’t know that’ from your Echo.

4. She has selective hearing

Sometimes she doesn’t hear you. | Amazon

It seems like Alexa likes to active at the most random times. That said, when you do actually ask her for assistance, she sometimes doesn’t hear you. This could be because the music’s too loud, but we’ll just go with selective hearing.

5. You have to learn her language

Amazon Echo displayed at Sands Expo

You may have to put it a very specific way. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about Amazon’s Alexa is that she doesn’t exactly speak your language. Instead of simply asking her a question — in the same way you would ask Siri or Google — you have to say things in a very specific manner to get the assistance you’re looking for.

6. She’ll randomly start playing music

Alexa sometimes has a mind of her own. | Amazon

Have you ever been home alone only to be startled by Alexa’s need to throw an impromptu dance party? Us, too.

7. She’s not the best at searching for songs either

Alexa doesn’t always know how to find the right song. | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

It doesn’t matter if you have Amazon Music, Spotify, and Pandora, when it comes to DJing, Alexa is not always the best at searching for the specifics. And you can forget about having her play an album you purchased on Prime. Trying to get her to play your downloaded music can takes a lot of trial and error. For that reason, you’re better off just playing music through a bluetooth speaker.

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