12 Fun Chrome Extensions to Download Now

Searching for a way to make your internet browsing experience a little bit more fun? Whether you’re just surfing the web or you’re trying to get work done, Chrome extensions are a great way to add some fun and functionality to your browser. There are plenty of useful Chrome extensions that can make your life easier and make your day more productive. But today, let’s focus on the Chrome extensions that will add a dose of laughter to your day.

1. Celeb Replacer

Celeb Replacer - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

There are two scenarios in which you should download Celeb Replacer. The first one? You’ve got access to a friend’s computer and are looking for a genius prank. And the second? You’re looking for a way to make the endless headlines about celebrities you don’t care about a whole lot funnier. In either case, this Chrome extension will replace the names of celebrities with other celebrities.

2. Downworthy

Downworthy - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

If you’re tired of the never-ending deluge of clickbait headlines from BuzzFeed, Upworthy, and the many sites that emulate them, why not tackle the problem? Downworthy, perhaps one of our favorite-ever Chrome extensions, replaces hyperbolic headlines with more realistic versions. It accomplishes that by replacing the key phrases that are characteristic of clickbait titles with tamer wording. For instance, “literally” becomes “figuratively,” “will blow your mind” becomes “might perhaps mildly entertain you for a moment,” and “you won’t believe” becomes “in all likelihood, you’ll believe.” The amazing transformation that follows will change your life!

3. Focusbook

Focusbook - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

Not all of the fun Chrome extensions are ones you can enjoy only when you’re not working. Take Focusbook as an example. This extension helps you stay focused, even when you need to open Facebook to check or post something. When you open Facebook with Focusbook installed, the extension will demand that you specify why you’re on Facebook. (Are you posting something? Or perhaps finding a link?) The extension will then remind you of the goal periodically until you close Facebook. If you need to stay on-task, you might as well make it fun.

4. Giphy Tabs

Giphy Tabs - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

So you’re a big GIF fan? (Let’s face it: You already know that you are.) Then Giphy Tabs should be first on your list of Chrome extensions to download. This extension places a new GIF on your screen every time you open a tab. There’s no way to predict what you’re going to get. Giphy Tabs is a great way to lighten the mood when you’re working on a project, or to find something funny to share with friends when you’re hanging out. Sure, there are plenty of other Chrome extensions that do more elaborate tricks to make the internet more fun, but sometimes the simplest things in life are best.

5. Millennials to Snake People

Millennials to Snake People - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

Plenty of internet users are tired of constantly hearing about millennials. Make the constant headlines about millennials a little more entertaining with Millennials to Snake People. This Chrome extension will automatically replace any mention of “millennials” with “snake people.” Whether you’re reading about how millennials are workaholics, are fleeing TV, love Silicon Valley, or are likely to live with mom and dad (all recent headlines about this oft-studied demographic), the scrutiny is more entertaining when it’s about snake people, instead.

6. Netflix Party

Netflix Party - Chrome extensions

Source: Netflixparty.com

Everybody loves watching a movie with a friend or significant other. But what if your partner or your best friend lives far away? Netflix Party has the answer. This Chrome extension synchronizes playback and adds group chat to any Netflix movie you want to watch. Which means that you and a friend — or a group of friends — can all watch the same movie at the same time. And you can chat about the action, too.

7. Panic Button

Panic Button - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

Are you in the habit of loading a wide array of shame-inducing tabs and then scrambling to hide them when somebody walks into the room? Then Panic Button is a must-download addition to your list of Chrome extensions. As its name indicates, Panic Button enables you to hide all of your tabs by clicking a single button. That button saves your bookmarks in a separate folder. Then, when your significant other, roommate, or boss has left the room, you can click the button again to restore your tabs.

8. PokeGone

For Chrome users who are tired of hearing about Pokemon 24/7, PokeGone should top your list of must-install Chrome extensions. Plenty of people, even those who loved Pokemon as a kid, are tired of hearing about Pokemon GO. So the best solution is to install PokeGone. The extension can be “mild,” “aggressive,” or “vindictive” about blocking mentions of Pokemon, depending on the setting you choose. That means that you can at least pretend that the world isn’t obsessed with Pokemon GO.

9. Reaction Packs for Facebook

Reaction Packs for Facebook - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

No matter how you felt about Facebook Reactions when the social network rolled them out, they’re here to stay. So why not make them more fun with Reaction Packs for Facebook? This Chrome extension replaces Facebook’s usual reaction icons with alternative icons. Designers have submitted more than 200 different reaction packs for you to choose among. Whether you want to respond to your friends’ posts with Game of Thrones characters, Donald Trump expressions, or cute illustrations, this extension has something you’ll love.

10. Remove All Politics from Facebook

Remove All Politics from Facebook - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

Maybe your idea of fun is a Facebook feed that’s scrubbed of all political rants so that you can enjoy your cat videos in peace. If so, then Remove All Politics from Facebook is the Chrome extension for you. Turn off politics on everyone’s favorite social network with the click of a button, and know that you can always turn it back on if you want to observe the circus again.

11. Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

If you’re a firm believer that the internet is for cat videos and kitten photos, then Tabby Cat will top your list of essential Chrome extensions. Tabby Cat generates a new illustrated kitten in every tab. Each cat blinks, sleeps, and even lets you pet it. And sometimes, Tabby Cats even bring you goodies. In short, this is the perfect Chrome extension for true cat lovers.

12. The Trumpweb

The Trumpweb - Chrome extensions

Source: Chrome.google.com

If you’re exasperated as much by what Donald Trump says as by how often he appears in the news, the Trumpweb may be the best of the many Trump-related Chrome extensions for you. Any time Trump is mentioned, this extension adds an actual Trump quote between his first and last name. Each quote is something that Trump said either during a media appearance or on Twitter. You won’t miss out on political news as you would if you blocked all Trump-related content from showing up. But you will get to have a little bit more fun reading the news.