14 Fun Gadget Gifts That Cost Just $25 or Less


Shopping for gifts for the gadget-lovers in your life gets complicated pretty quickly. (It can also get expensive, especially since it’s easy to make costly tech shopping mistakes.) But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a tech gift that the recipient is going to love. In fact, we’ve found a variety of gadget gifts that cost just $25 or less. Each one is a product that the most tech-savvy of your friends and family would likely love to receive.

1. Flight 001 4-in-1 travel adapter set – $25

Flight 001 4-in-1 travel adapter set

A travel adapter like this one is always handy | Flight001.com

A compact adapter set is a great gift for a traveler who can’t leave their gadgets behind (whether they’re working while abroad or are updating Instagram and Snapchat on their adventures). Flight 001’s 4-in-1 adapter set uses the JA/C READY adapter system, which is color-coded to make finding the right pieces easy. 

2. Chipolo Plus – $24.99

Chipolo Plus

This gadget is perfect for anyone who misplaces their keys | Chipolo.net

Know someone who’s prone to misplacing their keys or wallet? Then gift them a Chipolo Plus, which is designed to be the world’s loudest Bluetooth tracker. The recipient can attach Chipolo to whatever they lose most often and easily find it with a 100 decibel melody. Or, they can press Chipolo to make their phone ring, even if it’s on silent. 

3. Native Union BELT cable – $24.99

Native Union BELT cable

This cable is designed not to fray | Nativeunion.com

Every smartphone owner gets tired of short cables that fray. Fix that problem for one of the gadget lovers in your life with Native Union’s BELT cable. This four-foot cable features durable nylon braiding and a leather strap. Plus, it’s available with either an Apple Lightning port or a micro-USB connector. 

4. HISY Bluetooth camera remote – $24.95

HISY Bluetooth camera remote

This gift is perfect for photography lovers | Apple.com

Avid smartphone photographers have all run into a situation when it’s tough to get the angle they want and press the shutter button. Solve that problem for your favorite photography enthusiast with the HISY Bluetooth camera remote, which enables you to shoot a photo or a video from up to 90 feet away from your phone. 

5. Brainwavz Delta earbuds – $22.50

Brainwavz Delta earbuds

These quality headphones are inexpensive, too | Amazon.com

A new pair of headphones doesn’t have to be expensive, and a cheap pair of earbuds doesn’t have to be synonymous with poor performance. Brainwavz Delta earbuds with a three-button remote and microphone earn glowing reviews and are a great deal. Plus, there are both iPhone and Android versions to enable volume controls.  

6. Jackery external battery charger – $22.09

Jackery external battery charger

This portable battery charger is perfect for any smartphone user | Amazon.com

Every smartphone owner needs an external battery charger for travel or for use in case of emergency. Jackery’s 6,000mAh charger features built-in Lightning and Micro USB cables, plus an open USB port. That means that it can charge up to three devices simultaneously. 

7. Anker SoundSync Drive – $21.99

Anker SoundSync Drive

The music enthusiasts in your life would appreciate this gadget | Anker.com

It would be great if your car’s audio system supported Bluetooth compatibility, but chances are good that it doesn’t. To make it easier for your favorite music fan to listen to music on their commute, buy them the Anker SoundSync Drive. The device routes a smartphone’s calls and music playback through a car’s speakers using Bluetooth. 

8. Photojojo Power Wallet – $20

Photojojo Power Wallet

This wallet doubles as a smartphone charger | Photojojo.com

Photojojo’s Power Wallet is a stylish and useful gift for any fashion-forward friend or family member who carries a smartphone. This wallet is equipped with a 2,800mAh battery that can recharge an iPhone or an Android smartphone. It also has lots of storage — six card slots, a cash pocket, a zippered pocket, and two dividers. 

9. Misfit Link activity tracker – $19.99

Misfit Link activity tracker

A good fitness tracker doesn’t have to break the bank | Misfit.com

It seems that every year, basic fitness trackers get cheaper. Get one for the fitness (and gadget) enthusiast in your life by picking up the Misfit Link. This smart button tracks steps, distance, calories, and sleep, and also enables the wearer to control their smart home devices. 

10. iRing – $19.95


The iRing is great for the clumsy phone users you know | Amazon.com

If you know a smartphone owner who’s particularly clumsy, they might appreciate the gift of the iRing, an easy way to get a better grip on your phone. In addition to making it more difficult to drop in the sink or on the floor, the iRing also makes a great stand for watching videos, too. 

11. Joby GripTight Gorillapod – $16.25

Joby GripTight Gorilapod

Here’s another cheap gadget for the photography lovers | BHphotovideo.com

Everyone knows a mobile photography enthusiast who would love to have an easier way to capture great photos and videos with their smartphone. Joby’s GripTight GorillaPod can accommodate a wide range of different smartphones and stabilize them while you take a video or snap a group photo.

12. Google Cardboard – $15

Google Cardboard

Virtual reality just got a lot cheaper | Google.com

You don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to help your favorite tech enthusiast experience virtual reality for the first time. Google Cardboard costs just $15 but gives the recipient access to thousands of virtual reality apps and games. It works with most Android phones or iPhones as long as they have a screen size between 4 and 6 inches. 

13. NoPhone – $12


This gag gift will have your smartphone-addicted friends laughing | Amazon.com

Need a gag gift for somebody who’s addicted to their smartphone? Then consider the NoPhone, which is a fake plastic phone. A smartphone addict can carry it around in place of an actual smartphone, and the device’s creators boast that it  “has no data plan, no camera, no battery, no wifi but is completely toilet-bowl resistant.”

14. iDecoz Emoji home button stickers – $5.99

iDecoz Emoji home button stickers

Emoji users will rejoice | Amazon.com

If you need a cheap gift for an enthusiastic emoji user, you’re in luck. These emoji home button stickers from iDecoz will fit on the home button of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. They’re removable and reusable so that the friend or family member you gift them to can change them out.