14 Gadgets That Make Growing Marijuana Easy

Cannabis plants grow in the greenhouse

Growing marijuana doesn’t have to be complicated | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Marijuana isn’t quite the taboo topic that it has been in the past. Eight states legalized marijuana in the 2016 presidential election via legalization measures and initiatives on state ballots — four for recreational use and four for medical use. Before the election, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington had already legalized recreational marijuana. And 25 states already permitted medical marijuana.

If you live in a state that’s legalized marijuana, you may be thinking about growing your own marijuana. You’ll have to do your research into your state’s rules and regulations, of course. But you’ll likely be happy to learn that a growing assortment of gadgets is making it easy to grow your own marijuana (whether you have a naturally green thumb or manage to kill every houseplant in your apartment). The gadgets that follow offer an interesting look into the ways that technology is making it easier to grow the perfect plant.

Even if you aren’t planning to start growing your own marijuana right away, the proliferation of gadgets related to all stages of cultivation is still a pretty exciting development. The all-in-one systems with sensors and lights and watering systems are impressive, of course. But it’s also impressive that despite the slow pace of change when it comes to regulations, the tech world is moving ahead to create and offer all kinds of gadgets that make it easier to cultivate your own cannabis — whether you’re looking to improve your health or to get high.

1. 7Sensors Grow Box

7sensors grow box

7Sensors Grow Box | 7sensors.com

The 7Sensors Grow Box is “a sunlight emulator, irrigation system, and climate controller” that’s perfect for growing marijuana. It’s pretty much self-sustaining and works even if you have a busy schedule, an apartment with little light, or a not-so-stellar history with houseplants. It’s equipped with a custom-designed LED array, a supplementary heater, a water pump, and a soil moisture sensor. With the Grow Box,  you don’t have to use pesticides, and you don’t have to worry about odors. Plus, the box features a drying mode, which makes it a truly all-in-one solution.

2. Grobo Smart Garden

Grobo Smart Garden

Grobo Smart Garden | Grobo.io

The Grobo Smart Garden promises to give you “the easiest way to grow plants indoors.” You just plant your seeds, tell the Grobo app what you’re growing, and let the system take care of the rest. The app features a range of cultivation “recipes,” which offer the best growing conditions for a variety of different plants. You can customize those recipes, or create your own. Grobo makes sure that your plants are taken care of with automatic watering, temperature and humidity control, specialized LED lights, and a carbon filter to eliminate odors.


LEAF is another system that enables you to easily grow marijuana automatically. It offers precise temperature regulation and humidity control, automatic nutrient dosing, and even optional water hookup. The system also features a smell-preventing carbon filter, a BIOS LED light, plus a drying mode. It even features a companion app with easy step-by-step instructional videos. You can control LEAF with an iOS or Android phone, plus monitor growth with daily reports and a live video stream.

4. Supercloset LED Grow Cabinets

Supercloset LED Grow Cabinets

Supercloset LED Grow Cabinets | Supercloset.com

Supercloset’s LED grow cabinets offer a high-tech way to grow marijuana indoors like a pro. The smallest cabinet in the lineup, the SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet, looks just like a locker. But inside, it features two chambers: one to clone and germinate new plants, and another to flower and harvest. This is a hydroponic growing system that’s completely automated. You’ll just need to refresh the reservoir every week or two, add nutrients, adjust the pH as needed, and then watch your plants grow.

5. BC Northern Lights RoomMate Stealth Grow Box

BC Northern Lights’ RoomMate Stealth Grow Box is designed to help you get the most out of a small space. This grow box features a complete hydroponic system, with odor control, air-cooled lighting, and an electronic timer. BC Northern Lights says that this system “is not just a grow box; it’s an automated growing appliance.” All of the parts are easy to use and easy to clean (so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew). The RoomMate will grow four plants, and you can keep the whole operation under lock and key.

6. MediCab Micro Hydro

MediCab Micro Hydro

MediCab Micro Hydro | Cabinet-grow-sandbox.mybigcommerce.com

The MediCab Micro Hydro is a grow box that features a mix of LED and CFL lighting. The box is small enough to fit in your bedroom, dorm room, or office without drawing too much attention to itself. It features a commercial-grade carbon filter to prevent any odors from escaping, and is lockable. It can grow between one and 14 18-inch plants, or 72 seedlings or clones.

7. Niwa hydroponic system

Niwa hydroponic unit

Niwa hydroponic system | Source: Getniwa.com

The Niwa automated hydroponic system isn’t specifically designed for growing marijuana, but it looks like a pretty promising way to improve your routine. All you have to do is plant your seeds and tell the Niwa app what you’re growing. The software includes a library of growing programs, and Niwa will control the feeding and watering cycles for your plants, giving them exactly what they need, when they need it. Right from the companion app, you can monitor how your plants are doing and adjust lights, temperature, and feeding cycles to see how the plants respond.

8. SmartBee Control System

The SmartBee Control System enables you to monitor and control your greenhouse or grow room right from your smartphone. You can use the customizable system to track and control CO2, temperature and humidity, timers, lighting, and irrigation. The system can also send you warning texts if, for instance, your climate control system malfunctions. The system is comprised of the Hive Gateway — which acts as a hub for SmartBee sensors, power, and lightning controls — plus a variety of environmental, irrigation, and power controls. You can monitor light, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, the water content of your growth medium, nutrient solution properties, and control power and irrigation.

9. LumiGrow LED lights

LumiGrow LED lights

LumiGrow LED lights | Lumigrow.com

LumiGrow LED lights are some of the best in the business. They produce larger yields, decrease the time until harvest, and reduce energy consumption up to 70%. The lights and the accompanying software enable you to schedule and customize light levels and spectra. The LumiGrow team has also produced a variety of interesting research on topics related to cannabis cultivation, which can point you in the right direction.

10. Gardena Smart System

The Gardena Smart System enables you to easily control the watering system in your outdoor garden and to get updates on the light, temperature, and soil moisture. The system may not be marketed specifically toward people growing marijuana, but it’s easy to imagine it being a pretty useful way to make your growing setup smarter, and to stay on top of what conditions are really like for your plants.

11. Parrot Pot

The Parrot Pot is another smart gardening gadget that isn’t specifically designed for growing marijuana but could be pretty useful if you’re just growing a plant or two. The pot waters your plant itself and uses four built-in sensors to monitor what’s growing around the clock. Its “Perfect Drop” irrigation system adapts to your plant’s life cycle and waters accordingly. The system monitors light, temperature, soil moisture, and fertilizer levels and sends customized recommendations and alerts to help you take better care of your plant. The pot can even keep your plant alive automatically for up to a month at a time.

12. Edyn Garden Sensor

The Edyn Garden Sensor is the perfect gadget to monitor what’s growing outdoors. Once it’s planted in the soil, it’ll monitor the environmental conditions in your garden and send real-time information to your phone via the corresponding Edyn app. The sensor will track the light, moisture, humidity, and nutrition that the plants in your garden are getting. By cross-referencing that information with plant databases, soil sciences, and weather information, you’ll get customized advice on what will grow best where, when you should harvest or prune, and how to care for each plant.

13. Solar Sync

Solar Sync

Solar Sync | Hunterindustries.com

The Solar Sync is a great solution for staying on top of growing conditions if your plants are outside. The advanced weather sensor calculates evapotranspiration and adjusts the amount of water delivered to your plants. It measures sunlight and temperature and uses its calculated evapotranspiration values to determine the correct amount of water to deliver and the right amount of time for your irrigation system to run. The system will also shut down in the event of rain or a freeze.

14. PlantLink


PlantLink | Myplantlink.com

For a more user-friendly approach to irrigation that can attach to any sprinkler, consider PlantLink. This gadget is a soil moisture sensor that works with any plant type, and you can choose whether you want to get notifications via text, email, or a push notification from the app. You’ll get watering reminders according to the schedule that’s convenient for you (or add a PlantLink valve, which can automatically water your plant or garden for you). It offers an easy way to avoid underwatering or overwatering your plants, and you can use multiple links and valves to make your whole garden smarter.

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