Get the Bruno Mars Look With These 5 Essentials

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson in "Uptown Funk"

Source: RCA

Not only is Bruno Mars a talented individual, he also has a killer sense of style. From the red carpet to a night out with friends, Mars is always caught looking fashionable no matter what the occasion may be. Do you want to dress like the Grammy award winner? It’s simple, go with the flow and step outside your comfort zone. There are a few key things you need on hand to nail Bruno Mars style. Here are the must-haves that will keep you looking sharp and stylish just like the singer.

1. Fedora hat

The artist appears to have a fedora hat in just about every color and style imaginable. Stick to designs that include a folded brim which seem to be his favorite. Although the structure of this hat remains the same, there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to picking out different looks. For colder months, lean toward hats made of a wool material, during the warmer time of year fedoras made from straw in different colors work well. Also look for small accents like a feather or simple detailing such as a black band. In order to mimic Bruno’s style, this accessory is at the top of the list and inexpensive, too!

2. Sunglasses


Source: Macy’s

Whether it’s worn on his face or simply clipped to a basic white t-shirt, the artist never seems to leave home without his trusty shades. Rayban’s are an excellent option if you are looking for one pair that can be worn just about anywhere.

3. Men’s bracelets


Source: Macy’s

Not every man can adapt well to the idea of men’s jewelry. However, it’s worth considering in order to score this fashionable look. Bruno is fond of wrap around and beaded bracelets. Stick to color options in dark to neutral tones, you can’t go wrong with selections in brown or tan. Avoid overstacking accessories and use maybe one or two bracelets at a time.

4. Leather jacket

You most likely already have a leather jacket in your closet, if you haven’t worn it in a while now you have even more of reason to break it out again! To get more wear out of your purchase, stick to a black leather jacket. Bruno likes to mix things up with different color options like burgundy. This can be paired with slim jeans, a simple white tee or a plaid shirt! There is nothing like a leather jacket to add a bit of edge to your look.

5. Shoes


Source: Nordstrom

From Converse sneakers to oxfords, Mars is not afraid to experiment with different footwear options. For more formal affairs, he stays true to his edgy style but keeps it classy with a pair of leather shoes with a bit of extra shine. If that is too outside of your comfort zone still, stick to a leather shoe, but in matte finish. The sneakers of choice for Bruno appear to be Converse. Opt for having at least two different pairs ideally in black and white. If you are looking for even more variety, have at least one pair of high-tops on hand, this looks great with slim fit pair of jeans.

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