Gmail: 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know It Could Do

There is a reason Gmail is the most loved email provider for tech lovers; it has numerous shortcuts and handy tricks to get you the most out of your email. Gmail is always looking to evolve and has a laboratory “labs” section which allows you to try out features still being tested by Google (to access go to the gear icon in Gmail, click on settings, and find the labs tab at the top). It also has tons of add-ons and extensions to give you the best email experience. Check out these tricks that you probably didn’t know Gmail had.

1. Undo send



Accidentally sent an email of your shopping list to your boss? You no longer have to worry (or curse at your computer) now that Gmail has activated the undo-send button. This is arguably the most important setting Gmail has to offer. What started off as a tester from Google Labs has received such positive feedback it is now a feature. To enable simply go to the “General” tab under settings and check off the “Enable Undo Send” button marking your desired cancellation period (up to 30 seconds). After sending an email an undo link will appear in a yellow floating box. Simply click on it before you’re allocated time and you get the option to re-edit or delete entirely.

2. Shortcuts


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Make your life easier by using some of these frequent shortcuts:
A Replies to all message recipients
C Compose a new email
F Forwards message
Shift + C Compose new message in a new window
/ Puts Cursor into the search bar
K Moves cursor to most recent conversation
J Moves cursor to oldest conversation
Enter or O Opens conversation expands or collapses a message if in “conversation view”
N Moves your cursor to next message
P Moves your cursor to the previous message
R Replies to message sender
U Refreshes page and returns to inbox, list of conversations, or contacts
Shift + 1 Marks a message as Spam
Shift + 3
For a whole list of shortcuts check out this info graphic from Visually.

3. Canned responses

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Feel like you keep sending the same email over and over again? Decrease the amount of typing you are doing by utilizing another one of Gmail Labs experiments the “canned responses.” After you activate it under the Labs tab write up a response email. To use in an email click the arrow in the lower right corner of the message composition pane and select “canned responses.” If you re-write the canned reply you can also re-save it for future use.

4. Turn messages into tasks or events



If you are using Gmail as your email service then you automatically have access to Google Tasks and your own Google Calendar. All three of these work hand in hand allowing you to add tasks or events from your email directly to your calendar. While reading a message, highlight the text, go to the More menu at the top, and select either “add to tasks” or “create event.” Add the calendar to your smart phone and you can keep track of all your tasks, events, and email simultaneously.

5. Get paid or send money



Google Wallet is now accessible on your Gmail account. To use you have to already have your Google Wallet account set up with your bank information and enable the “send money using Gmail” setting checked. Once this is done click on the dollar sign icon at the bottom of your email message and you will be given the option to send or request money from your recipient.

6. Sign out remotely


Gmail is awesome in that it allows you to sign in from multiple different locations and systems all at the same time. But sometimes you may forget to log out from a public location. Now you can log out from your remote computer. Go to your inbox and locate on the bottom a small print that says “last account activity” and the time listed. Click the details link to see the activity and click the button to sign out from the other sessions.

7. Determine a Delegate

You can give access to another person to share control over your Gmail account. To do so go under Settings then Accounts and Import, and click on “grant access to your account.” There you can add your partner or admin’s email but it will only work if the domain name matches yours, read: They must have a gmail account.

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