8 Gorgeous Nail Polish Colors We Can’t Get Enough Of

Nail polish is much more than mere makeup; it doubles as a wardrobe accessory, reflects our mood, changes with the seasons, and can complete our entire look. A woman’s nail polish collection is something she prizes. No matter how relaxing and indulgent it feels to get a professional manicure, there’s still something special about having your favorite nail polish colors at your disposal at home.

Check out the top eight nail polish colors we simply can’t get enough of. If you haven’t ever worn these stunning shades, it may be time to update your collection!

1. Butter London Rather Red: $18

Butter London "Rather Red"

Butter London Rather Red | Ulta

Butter London’s Rather Red is the ultimate deep, red wine nail polish color. This burgundy shade is elegant and timeless. It’s a perfect polish for cool weather, as it goes so well with paling skin and black clothing. We guarantee you’ll ask for this polish in your Christmas stocking and wear it right up until summer begins.

2. Marc Jacobs Good Friday: $18

Marc Jacobs "Good Friday" nail color

Marc Jacobs Good Friday | Sephora

Good Friday is a gorgeous mint green. It’s not too in your face the way emerald green can be, but it still packs a subtle punch. This color is perfect for fashion-forward women. There’s something inherently cool about someone who’s brave enough to paint their nails a color that isn’t a mainstream red or pink. If you’re feeling up for a change, we highly recommend you test this polish out.  

3. Essie Peach Daiquiri: $9

Essie "peach daiquiri" nail color

Essie Peach Daiquiri | Rite Aid

Women spend their entire lives searching for the perfect pink nail polish, and once we find it, there’s no turning back. Essie’s Peach Daiquiri polish is one such color we could never tire of, so we come back to it again and again. With its bright, coral undertones, this polish looks great on every skin tone. It’s the perfect pink to last you throughout spring and summer, so be sure to bring it with you on your next beach vacation!

4.  Dior Junon 494: $27

dior junon 494 nail color

Dior Junon 494 | Macy’s

We’ll admit that Dior nail polishes are a bit pricey, but for a color like Junon, we’re willing to splurge. This color is a soft blue with gray undertones. It’s bright enough to complement your white wardrobe during summer, but also cool enough to work during winter. Considering Dior polishes are of the highest quality and this specific shade is fitting year-round, we think this polish is easily worth the cost.

5. Ciaté London Razzmatazz: $8

Ciaté London ’Razzmatazz’ nail color

Ciaté London Razzmatazz | Sephora

Everyone needs a nail polish color for special events, and Ciaté London’s Razzmatazz is the perfect solution. This sparkly gold screams red carpet, but it can work equally well for a romantic date or work function. It’s extremely feminine and will certainly command attention!

6. Chanel Le Vernis 08 Pirate: $28

Chanel ‘08 Pirate’ nail color

Chanel 08 Pirate | Nordstrom

If you’re on the hunt for a classic red, you may get it from a classic brand. Chanel makes the perfect, quintessential red lacquer in the shade 08 Pirate. As an added bonus, the nail polish’s packaging is truly iconic and will look fabulous in your collection. By investing in this luxury item, you’re getting designer quality at a fair price.

7. OPI Yank My Doodle: $10

OPI ‘Yank My Doodle’ nail color

OPI Yank My Doodle | Macy’s

OPI partnered with Kerry Washington (who plays Olivia Pope on the hit TV series Scandal) to create a Washington D.C.-inspired nail polish collection. Our favorite color from the line has to be Yank My Doodle, whose cheeky name is as cute as the actual color. It’s an ideal orangey-pink for busy, stylish women.

8. Butter London Ta-Ta!: $18

Butter London ‘Ta-Ta!’ nail color

Butter London Ta-Ta! | Ulta

Every woman needs a minimal, nude polish in her collection, and Button London’s Ta-Ta! version is the ideal version of it. This creamy taupe is perfect as a no-fuss everyday color. It absolutely works year-round, and although it’s simple, this shade has a definite elegance to it. Ta-Ta! is a great choice for the woman who’s always immaculately put together without ever looking like she’s trying too hard.