Hate Wearing Sandals? 4 Great Sandal Alternatives for Men

For a long time, sandals were a no-no for stylish men, a sure indicator of dadcore fashion. Today’s versions are decidedly better, but the open-toed footwear isn’t for every guy. If you still can’t stomach sandals or anything remotely similar, despite what the mercury reads, well, you’re in luck because we have some great sandal alternatives that you’ll surely jump at. Whether your summer attire includes lots of shorts or something a little more suave, we have some options in mind. Here are four great sandal alternatives you’ll love.

1. Espadrilles


Espadrilles | Source: Soludos

These are a really strong footwear option for men who don’t want to wear sandals or sliders. Espadrilles are much more practical than their wildly impractical grip-free sole suggests; they’re lightweight, quick to dry and small enough to pack into your hand luggage if you’re going on a beach vacation. Espadrilles are really the no-brainer choice for warm weather season and unlike a lot of other seasonal shoes, won’t break the bank either. The shoe has a bottom made of coiled rope, with an upper of thin, usually colorful canvas. In short, espadrilles are about as barefoot as you can go without actually being so, making them superb beachwear and even urban warm weather wear. Simply throw them on with a pair of chino roll shorts and a short-sleeved shirt for a low-key, coastal vibe.

2. Canvas slip-on plimsolls

Canvas slip-on plimsolls

Canvas slip-on plimsolls | Source: J.Crew

When you hear the name plimsolls, it’s basically referring to canvas shoes, usually with a rubberized bottom. Plimsolls are ridiculously breathable, durable, and can add a bit of a laid-back vibe to an outfit.

They also tend to be able to take a tremendous beating and are great ad hoc sport shoes — but they are really great alternatives to sandals. They’re natural, can be worn without socks, and best of all, they can be put in the washing machine. If you’re a beach goer, the Vans Original slip-ons are great for a day in the sun.


3. Woven slip-ons

Woven slip-ons

Woven slip-ons | Source: Asos

Not only are these one of the hottest textures of the season, but they happen to be a great sophisticated choice for the sartorially savvy man that cringes at the mention of sandals. Though you can opt for different textile uppers, leather woven slip-ons create a cool silhouette that also happen to be breathable, thanks to the nature of the weave. Wear yours with a pair of linen trousers and a polo if you’re going for a tropical vibe, or throw them on with fitted denim shorts and a printed tee for an easy festival look.

4. Boat/deck shoes

boat shoes

Boat shoes | Source: Sperry

Though boat shoes are in a completely different league than your everyday sandal, they may not be best described as a like-for-like substitute. But that’s why they’re so great. The mere name of them suggests their practicality in warm weather. Not only does a pair of quality boaters from brands such as Sperry fit into your seasonal wardrobe, they offer the sort of comfort and visual appeal that a pair of thongs can’t. Pair these appropriately with a fresh white Oxford short, navy cropped trousers, and an air of aloofness.

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