4 Grooming Products Endorsed by Famous Celebrities

Celebrity-endorsed skin care lines can run the gamut, but some are so good, they don’t even need to be endorsed by someone famous to stand out. Here are four skin care lines touted by some of the best looking faces in Hollywood. Several of these celebrities were incredibly involved with the development of the products, creating and testing every formula. Others simply gave theses brands their stamps of approval. No matter what your skin care goals, there is a celeb-endorsed line that can help you reach them.

1. Consult Beaute

Two of reality television’s best-looking faces belong to Dr. Terry DuBrow from Botched on E! and his wife Heather Dubrow, who is one of the stars The Real Housewives of Orange Country. They personally formulated and developed their new skin care line Consult Beaute. Designed for both men and women, it is sold exclusively on Evine Live, which is a network similar to HSN or QVC. After seeing so much bad plastic surgery, Dubrow sought to create a line that would prevent the need for it. Consult Beaute products are designed to increase collagen and volume to prevent aging. With a large variety of products, including serum, cleanser, and moisturizer, among many others, the line is truly comprehensive. It also has a full-body approach to skin care and includes vitamins and shakes.

2. Profile

skin products

Profile skin products | Source: Profile

If there is an actor who never looks bad, it’s Rob Lowe. He has a new skin care line designed exclusively for men called Profile, and it’s serious stuff. With just five products, your face is totally covered and you don’t have to buy extra things you don’t necessarily want or need. The line consists of a shave gel, cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and anti-ageing product for under your eyes. While you can buy each product individually, there is a set featuring all of the products that is discounted as well as a travel set featuring TSA-approved sizes. With packaging as sleek and masculine as Mr. Lowe himself, you’ll love Profile.

3. Nuance


Nuance cleanser

Nuance skin care products | Source: Nuance

Nuance is actress Salma Hayek’s skin care line. It is affordable, convenient to buy (it’s sold exclusively at CVS), and most importantly, the ingredients are high quality. One of the best products in the line for men is the Glycolic Cream Cleanser. The glycolic acid, as well as non-plastic beads, exfoliate the skin, so it helps prevent ingrown hairs. Another great product is the Buriti Oil Nourishing Shampoo. This shampoo helps moisturize your hair and leaves it smelling absolutely incredible.

4. Proactiv

washing his face

A man washing his face | Source: iStock

Proactiv was created by dermatologists, not a celebrity, but it has been endorsed by two men tons of women fawn over, Adam Levine and Justin Bieber. If acne is a problem for you, Proactiv will attack it in every way possible with a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, toner, and mask as well as several other treatments, including a recently introduced rotating brush.

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