5 Grooming Products You Should Never Buy Name Brand

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but finding the mixture of perfect grooming products that will actually provide results doesn’t happen over night. Instead, it requires a lot of mixing, matching, trial, and error. And, doing research about your skincare products and learning about certain ingredients is half the battle. Long ago, we all learned to never judge a book by its cover, and the same applies to skincare products. There are some products that should never be purchased name brand. We’ve already told you which picks are actually worth their price, but check out our list of products that you shouldn’t judge by its brand name.

1. Cologne

These grooming products don't need to be name brand

As long as your cologne smells good, no one will care it’s not Gucci. | iStock.com

Every grooming geek knows to never underestimate the importance of the perfect cologne. Unlike basic bars of soap and moisturizer, the fragrance you decide to douse yourself in is very personal. Once you find a cologne that boasts an intoxicating smell that’s easy on the nose, you’ll feel naked if you go a day without spraying it. And, after a while, everyone — your significant other, friends, and family — associate that blend of notes as “your smell.” RealMenRealStyle defines scent as an invisible part of your personality.

So why would you buy a fragrance just because it’s adorned with an Armani logo? Exactly.

While it’s easy to get swept away with a cool bottle or flashy brand name, the contents of the bottle is more important (whether the cologne in question costs $10 or $100). After all, nobody wants to be associated with a nasty mixture. Our recommendation? Test out a contender by spritzing the fragrance on your pulse points such as your neck and wrists and reevaluate your opinion after a few hours.

2. Cleanser

Man washing his face

The goal is for your face to be clean. | iStock.com

Unless you were one of the very few guys out there who were blessed with painfully perfect skin, it’s highly likely that you fall into one of the following skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, or combination. And of course, your skin type is bound to change as the temperature rises or falls. Since the state of your skin is one of the first thing people notice, it deserves to be treated with tender loving care. So, instinctively buying the same cleanser Bradley Cooper uses is a no go.

Think of it this way: Picking up a random, albeit fancy, concoction won’t improve your skin. Without realizing it, your may be washing your oily face with a mixture that’s built to combat dryness. In that scenario, the results may be even worse.

Before picking up a new cleanser, head over to a department store beauty counter for a preliminary skin consultation (or just click here). Once you know what your skin type is, research the most effective products.

3. Shaving cream

a man shaving

A good, clean shave is all that matters. | iStock.com

We know what you’re thinking: Shaving cream is shaving cream, right? Not exactly. Sure, it’s important to find a mix that offers a close shave and keeps your face hydrated; however, it also important to select a blend that works with your face. For starters, your skin type can determine the type of shaving cream you should be using. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, those with sensitive skin should be looking for a cream that features aloe vera.

And let’s not forget that even the most unassuming shaving cream can house a slew of hazardous chemicals and ingredients that could actually hinder your skin.

When it comes to selecting a shaving cream, check the ingredients: Blends that are free of dyes, sulfates, toxins, and chemicals are promising. Options with natural oils and essential oils, adds Gentleman’s Gazette, are even better.

4. Deodorant

a stinky man

Definitely wear deodorant, just don’t spend a fortune. | iStock.com

Like you, we take deodorant very seriously. One false swipe and you could be forever branded as “he with the pungent BO.” While luxurious brands offer sleek alternatives to pharmacy-bought basics, we can’t promise that they’ll work wonders.

While different preferences and sensitivities call for particular iterations, most shoppers either look for a deodorant or a blend with antiperspirant. What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked.

According to The Huffington Post, deodorant acts as an antibacterial to keep those stink-causing bacteria that come along with sweating at bay. Antiperspirant, on the other hand, usually contains aluminum and helps stop the eccrine sweat glands.

No matter which sweating challenge you’re hoping to tackle, stick with what works. Sure, your handy Old Spice may not be the chicest. But if it works? Definitely not worth ditching.

5. Exfoliator

attractive young man looking in mirror

A good exfoliator is hard to come by. | iStock.com

In case we haven’t made it totally clear, your skin type requires specific types of face products. And while that super pricey scrub from La Mer would give your medicine cabinet some next level appeal, it’s not worth buying if it won’t work with your skin.

According to beauty website Byrdie, different grain sizes and textures are best for different types of skin. For example, the website notes that those with normal complexions have more freedom with their choices while those with drier surfaces should invest in a cream with fine grains.

Some concoctions will list what skin types they target, but why not do your own research in addition to reading the labels? Do we sound like a broken record yet? Good, we were hoping we’d really emphasize the power of research.

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