5 Fast Makeup Looks That Take 10 Minutes or Less

Who among us couldn’t use a few extra minutes in the morning? Your wish is granted with these five fast makeup looks that will have you ready to go in no time flat. Plus, they easily transition from day to evening, meaning you won’t have to worry about changing your look from office hours to happy hour.

All of the looks here assume you’ve started with prepped skin, which generally includes foundation, concealer, and a finishing powder, which we’ve allotted up to four minutes to apply. That means these makeup options take six minutes or less, so your full look is ready in 10 minutes flat. You can thank us later. For now, take one of these beauty looks for a spin.

1. Glam goddess

glamour woman with bright makeup

Glamorous makeup is always a win. | iStock.com/Leegudim

We start off this list with a bang because, if one thing’s assured, a quickie beauty look does not have to be boring. No shrinking violets allowed with this look. It starts with a dramatic winged eye: Line the top lash line with a black liquid liner and flick it out at the end. This can take a bit of practice to get an even application, but you can cover over a jagged line by simply making the line a bit thicker. If black is a bit too dark for your taste, gray liner can be a good middle ground; you can even smudge a bit under the lower lash line for an update on the smoky eye.

Top off your eyeliner with a mascara that lengthens, volumizes, and curls — you want a high-quality mascara with this trifecta of good when you’re saving time. The final finishing touch is a look-at-me red lip. Go for a moisturizing lipstick to ensure the most saturated effect. Or, for a slightly more forgiving option, use a lip gloss, which is easier to apply and requires less precision.

2. Barely-there beauty

Beautiful girl on the beach

The natural look is always in style. | iStock.com/aquamethods

From the va-va-voom factor of the glam goddess, we move to the subtle sizzle of the barely-there makeup, which is just as compelling in its sultry appeal. However, it can be tricky to achieve just the right balance with the sheer, au naturel look. To appear as if you’re beautifully wearing no makeup, the best tools in your kit will be a rosy-pink blush for the apples of the cheeks. You might even find a blush/highlighter duo that can pull double-duty in delivering a natural flush and a radiant glow.

Also, a vitamin E lip balm is essential — not only for your pout but also to dab a bit on the cheekbones and inner eye corners to further enhance that dewy glow. Since you won’t be using much in the way of eye makeup here, it’s important to make sure your brows are impeccably groomed, as they will frame the face and add definition.

3. Metal maven

beautiful Asian woman with metallic smoky eyeshadow

Metallic eye shadow will make your features pop. | iStock.com/iconogenic

Whether you’re a glowing golden girl in the summer or a gilded glamazon in the fall, the richness of metallics is always in season — and in style. Achieving that all-over glow really only takes a few minutes and a few simple products. Start off with a metallic, three-toned eye shadow palette with the darkest hue as the base for your eyelid and the medium shade for the crease. Highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes with the lightest shade. Finish the look with an all-over shimmer powder for your face, and a gold-dusted lip gloss. Want an even easier way to go metallic? Mix unscented, non-tinted lip balm with a gold shadow to gild the inner corners of the eyes. Shine on.

4. Blue babe

beauty close-up portrait of beautiful Caucasian woman in blue eye shadow

Blue eye shadow looks great with brown eyes. | iStock.com/Brightonikon

No, blue eye shadow is no longer reserved as a blast to the ’80s past. With new palettes of crave-worthy cerulean and bold sapphire, going blue is easier and more modern than ever. Plus, the hue really makes any eye color pop. Simply sweep on a blue-tinted eye shadow (you don’t have to use much to make an impact). Then, coat the top and bottom lashes with blue mascara for extra oomph. Finish the look with a rosy lipstick shade — you can even use your finger to tap and blend the lip color along your cheekbones for an instant hint of definition.

5. Lippy lady

sexy caucasian female model with glamour red lips

Bright lips add a splash of color. | iStock.com/ekomasova

Whereas the eyes had it in the last look, the lippy lady relies on her pout to really up the ante. Keep your eye makeup simple here by brushing a taupe shadow on your lids, then lightly dust a blush powder on the apples of your cheeks. Or, simply use a bit of highlighter on top of the cheekbones for definition. The real key to this look is your lipstick. You’ll want to use a statement shade that looks beautiful with your complexion — think a bold coral or a bright bubblegum pink or a sassy candy-apple red — to really enhance the effectiveness of the look. Make sure you paint it on liberally and take some time to perfect the application, as your lips are getting top billing here.