How Every Guy Can Get the Perfect Hair Cut

A great hair cut makes you look better and accentuates your best qualities. But getting the perfect haircut is not something that just magically happens, unless you have an amazing mane like Chris Hemsworth. It takes time and consideration to figure out what your perfect cut should look like. Sometimes trial and error is involved, but in an effort to minimize that part, we’ve found four tips that’ll get you on the road to a perfectly styled ‘do.

1. Be honest about the kind of hair you have

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A man with a perfect hair cut | Source: iStock

If you have very curly hair, I’m sorry, but you will not be able to pull off a style that is more flattering on someone with straight hair. Realizing and accepting the type of hair that you have is crucial in seeking the perfect cut. There is nothing wrong with the texture or wave of your hair, it’s you, and you need to make it work for you. Also take into consideration the shape of your face when determining the do to go for.

2. Do your research

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A man combing his hair | Source: iStock

Looking at celebs or searching your hair type online will help you figure out a look that suits you. Once you find a picture of a style that matches your hair type, bring that picture with you when you go to the barber. Also consider your personality and style when choosing a hair cut. Are you more of a refined guy? Are you an adventurer? Or, perhaps, a rock n’ roller who exudes casual cool? Find a ‘do that works for your hair type and personality.

3. Realize you want to look like you

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This goes hand in hand with realizing what kind of hair you have and accepting who you are as a person. It will all be reflected in how you choose to style your rug. The hair on your head is one of the most noticeable things on your body. Just a friendly reminder.

4. Find the perfect barber


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You can find the perfect barber through trial and error or word of mouth, although the latter is better. Going through a series of horrific hair cuts is soul crushing. Once you find someone who consults with you before whipping out the scissors, hang on to that person. It’s important that they’re collaborating with you, listening to what you want, and taking your thoughts into consideration. Lifehacker explains how to speak to your barber to get exactly what you want when you go get your hair cut. Their steps are:

  1. Tell the barber the general style you want
  2. Tell them exactly how much you want taken off
  3. Tell them if you want a taper or not
  4. Tell them the type of neckline you want
  5. Tell them if you want texture
  6. Tell them how you want your arches
  7. Tell them how you want your sideburns