The 6 Best Hair Styles for Thick Hair

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a hair cut. Texture and the amount of time you’re willing to spend styling your hair each day are a couple. So is the thickness of your hair. Thankfully, Jana Blankenship, founder of organic beauty company Captain Blankenship, taught us how. “Look at a patch of your scalp in the mirror. Do you have a lot of hair growing closely together or are fewer hairs growing further apart?” Blankenship asked. “If your hair grows densely, it is thick, if it doesn’t, it is thin.”

We’ve already highlighted the best things to do with thin hair, but it’s about time we offer our two cents on those thicker strands.

1. Pixie cut

girl with a pixie cut

Try rocking a pixie cut. | Pixabay

Committing to a pixie cut seems risky — especially when you usually sport long hair. But if you have thick locks, it has the potential of being a complete success.

Sure, it’s a shorter length, which is what scares most of us. But your new ‘do will appear fuller than it would if you had thin hair. A pixie cut does look nice blown out, but if you’re not willing to put that much time into styling your hair, simply spritz some salt spray and go.

2. Blunt bangs

Hairdresser cutting woman's bangs

Blunt bangs are perfect for thicker locks. |

If you ask us, bangs are a hit-or-miss situation. While side bangs may come into trend every now and then, they can be hard to style. Instead, opt for a set of blunt bangs. Not only will they look effortlessly chic, the style pairs well with thicker hair. One caveat: Blunt bangs don’t look their best au naturel, so you will have to style them regularly.

3. Long layers

Smiling young model

Thick strands look great when you opt for long layers. |

Feel like your thick hair is weighing you down? You’re not the only one. If you’re looking to lighten up the load, StyleCaster recommends opting for long layers. This ‘do will add some extra oomph to your hair, not to mention it’ll frame your face perfectly.

4. Casual bob

Fashionable girl with red lipstick and short hair

A bob looks chic and stylish. |

Anyone looking to switch up their hair style without going for a drastic pixie cut should consider the casual bob. Similar to a pixie, your full, thick strands will turn this potentially limp and lifeless style into a full-bodied masterpiece. Best of all, this hair style is incredibly versatile. Your hair will look office-ready when you blow dry with a round brush. As for weekends? Take a curling iron and some texturizing spray to it for a sexier style.

5. A chignon

young woman with hair bun

This classic up-do is hard to beat. |

Think thick, heavy hair will weigh down an exquisite up-do? Think again. With the help of hair spray and tons of bobby pins, anything is possible. Out of all the up-dos you can choose from, Redbook notes a chignon with some extra volume on the top is your best bet. You can even learn how to coif your very own chignon and several other classic styles with ease.

6. Beautiful braid

a braid in a woman's hair

Try a simple braid. | Pixabay

Ponytails are incredibly easy to style; however, they have the tendency to look tired. Instead, swap out your ponytail for a braid. Thick strands will give a standard French braid a luscious, ethereal vibe. Plus, just imagine how gorgeous your mane will look with those waves once you deconstruct your hairdo.

What you’ll need to style your thick hair

young girl applying hair spray on her hair

You’ll need the help of a few products. |

Thick hair has a reputation for being luscious and voluminous, but it does have its drawbacks. It requires a lot of product, can weigh down your entire ‘do, overpower a flimsy hair brush, and take forever to air dry. Fortunately, products that can remedy your biggest thick hair grievances are just a few clicks away.

The problem: Your hair requires a lot of conditioner

Woman washing her hair

You’ll go through your bottle of conditioner in no time. |

Read the back of most shampoo and conditioner bottles, and they’ll tell you a “quarter-size” pump of product will suffice. In reality? You’re using a quarter of the bottle just to exterminate the occasional knot. Because of this, you might want to pick up some leave-in conditioner. In addition to detangling those pesky strands on the fly, a leave-in product is great for moisturizing and protecting your locks from heat damage. Living Proof’s lightweight formula promotes silky smooth hair and keeps frizz at bay. For a more affordable alternative, Garnier’s iteration is just as nice. 

The problem: Your hair takes forever to dry

young lady blow drying long hair

A hair dryer is the only fast way to get those locks dry, but beware of heat exposure. |

Anyone with thick hair knows it can take hours — yes, hours — for it to fully dry. Though taking a blow dryer to your strands is the obvious solution, you may want to tone it down on that heat exposure. In its place, invest in a microfiber towel. Unlike the towels you usually use after a shower, this special species notoriously dries your hair faster. Aquis’ towels are an industry favorite, plus they’re surprisingly affordable.

The problem: You’re always breaking brushes

drying brown hair with hair dryer

You need a brush with some backbone. |

Yes, that scene from The Princess Diaries — you know, the one where Princess Mia’s unkempt hair breaks the hair brush — can actually happen. No two brushes are created equal, but if you’re looking for one that can withstand your thick ‘do, try Sophia Kashuk’s bristles.

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