10 Unbelievably Easy Hair Styles You’ll Want to Rock All Summer

During the summer months, maintaining perfectly smooth hair isn’t going to happen. It’s more likely your sweat will prevent your hair from staying straight, and you’ll need to avoid hot styling tools to prevent dry hair. Hearing this, you may be thinking, “What’s the point in even trying?” Well, instead of fighting the effects of summer, we think it’s best to embrace the undone look. Read on to discover which quick and easy hair styles you should sport this season. They’ll look far more natural, plus you won’t have to worry about them unraveling in the heat.

1. Beachy waves

Actor Sienna Miller attends the premiere of Amazon Studios' 'The Lost City Of Z'

Sienna Miller looks gorgeous in beachy waves.| Rich Fury/Getty Images

If there’s one iconic summer hair style every woman should try, it’s got to be beachy waves. Don’t worry if you won’t have the good fortune to visit the beach, because this look is extremely easy to achieve from home. All you’ll need is an affordable sea salt spray from your nearest drugstore.

Just spray the product into your hair when it’s wet or dry, then use your hands to scrunch your locks from your roots down through the shaft. Alternatively, you can sleep in a messy braid (details on that coming soon), then take it out in the morning to look like you’ve just come from a dip in the ocean.

2. Half pulled back

A model is seen backstage ahead of the Barrus show during London Fashion Week

The half-up look is always in. | Nicky J Sims / Stringer/Getty Images

One of our favorite things about this hair style is that it works well on literally every hair texture. Whether your tresses fall flat or are curled ringlets, all you’ll need is your hair fastener of choice to get the look spot-on. Simply use your fingers to comb back the top half of your hair (this messy look actually adds volume), then secure the top section of hair at the back of your head with a hair tie or clip. Those with thin hair may need a small elastic, while those with thick hair can get away with a cute clip or brooch. 

3. Athletic braid

The hair of Julia Engstrom of Sweden

Julia Engstrom shows why braids truly are timeless. | Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Summer is all about staying active, being able to exercise outdoors, and finally getting in your best shape. Unlike a high ponytail, this hair style will prevent all of your hair from flying into your face as you jump around. You can also throw on a baseball cap to make the braid look extra preppy. We’re getting major Maria Sharapova vibes. Anyone for a game of tennis?

4. Wrapped ponytail

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton shows off a slightly more elegant ponytail. | Suzanne Plunkett – WPA Pool/Getty Images

There’s something about a standard hair tie that makes a ponytail look too casual. Even if you put in the effort to curl your hair before pulling it back, the hair tie will instantly make it appear like you got ready on your way to work. To elevate your go-to ponytail this summer, we suggest wrapping your own hair around the hairband. It’s a fast and easy way to transform your hair from standard to extraordinarily polished.

5. Cropped extra short

A model walks the runway in the Jonathan Simhkai fashion show

If you’ve ever wanted to go short, now’s the time to try it. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Women with thick hair can attest to how overheated your locks can make you feel during summer. The weight of it causes extra sweat to form on your neck and back (gross), and it’s also extremely frustrating to maintain in humid climates. So why not cut your hair extra short this year? If you go shorter than a standard bob, you’ll save tons of time getting ready, and your neck will finally be able to stay cool on sweltering days.  

6. Slicked back ponytail

Actress Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson looks beautiful in a simple hair style. | Patrick Riviere/Getty Images

Let’s face it, ponytails are as synonymous with summer as sun tans and sandals. To mix yours up, we recommend slicking half of it back. Brush your roots back with the help of gel or mousse, but stop combing at the point where your hair tie begins —  it’ll help up the volume.  Use Kate Hudson as your inspiration for this look.

7. Deeply parted

A model is seen backstage prior to the Fashion DNA - Pakistan show

Trying a different part is an easy way to shake things up. | Nicky J Sims/Getty Images

Experimenting with different ways to part your hair is a quick way to change your hair style without having to get it cut or colored. While your hair looks great parted straight down the center during winter, summer is a more fitting time to sweep it to one side. A deep part adds tons of volume on top, and you can rely on it to look great on days you’re extra wavy from sea salt.

8. Frizzy braid

A model, hair detail, walks the runway at Ane Amour fashion show

This look is the perfect balance of messy and polished. | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

If you live in a very humid area, you likely struggle to manage your hair during the summer. Fortunately, sometimes frizz can work to your advantage. When it comes to rocking a chic braid, allow your frizzy flyaways to add a stylish, disheveled volume. Simply create your favorite style of braid, use your fingers to slightly pull it apart, then spray it with a strong-hold hair spray. Don’t worry about frizz developing throughout the day — it’ll only add to the high-fashion look.

9. Bedhead

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel rocks this look with ease. | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

We know how appealing it is to look preppy and polished during spring, but come summer, it’s time to let your sexy side show. On top of showing more skin, refrain from fussing over your hair. Instead, consider towel drying your tresses, finger-combing them, flipping your hair upside down, and leaving the house with bedhead. Trust us, with this messy ‘do, the weather won’t be the only reason you’re feeling hot.

10. Messy side braid

Actress Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer is giving us major mermaid vibes. | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In the same way you don’t need to put much effort into your makeup during summer, you also shouldn’t spend hours styling your hair. This means forgoing blowouts and thorough straightening routines. If you don’t like the way your hair naturally falls, just pull in into a messy side braid and you’re good to go. This style is not only easy to achieve in just a few minutes, it also doesn’t require the use of hot styling tools, giving your hair a chance to recover from prior damage.