Harry Styles Reveals How to Wear Stripes (and Look Good)

Harry Styles

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Harry Styles is certainly living up to his last name, as the British boy-bander and heartthrob-of-the-moment is charting quite the bold sartorial course. There’s no question he has the fashion edge on his One Direction bandmates Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson.

But his style moves aren’t standard-issue hunk. While he can wear tight T-shirts and leather bombers with the best of them, he has been coloring outside the lines with a penchant for retro flair, flouncy gender-bending shirts, and some major flower power. That said, the house of Gucci, which has recently seen a boho resurgence, is a go-to for Styles.

The ’70s certainly have nothing on Styles who has been seen in everything from pinstripe bellbottoms at the BBC Awards in December to boldly florid Gucci suits. But if you’re not quite ready to jump back into that era (or wear a bouquet of blooms), you can show your Styles-inspired style stripes another way — literally.

The 1D-er has been sartorially supporting fellow Brit and recent Central Saint Martins grad Daniel W. Fletcher by wearing the designer’s striped shirts on repeat, from street-style sightings to late-night-host James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Characterized by classic Savile Row tailoring and a bedroom-meets-boardroom aesthetic, the silk shirts bring a certain brand of languid panache to even the most straightforward of ensembles.

Fletcher’s range fuses British heritage with quirky edge — the perfect pairing for a hot pop star — and for you, too. Even if you’ve never considered wearing candy-colored stripes, it can be done. From runway to Styles-way, here are some of the ways to wear the shirts before the designer’s Spring 2016 range arrives online and in Opening Ceremony stores later in January.

Take the P out of PJs

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

While some of Fletcher’s ensembles can trend more bedroom than boardroom, Styles makes the striped silk pajama aesthetic suitable for prime time. It’s quite simple, really, to emulate. Simply remove the PJ bottoms and just keep the “J” — for jeans, that is, preferably a dark wash or a black skinny pair.

Roll up your sleeves and untuck your shirt

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

While “exhibit A” on the left is clearly a stylized lookbook version of a Fletcher button-down, the elasticized pajama pants probably aren’t high on your must-wear list. So, take a page out of Styles’ own lookbook and wear the shirt with a bit more edge. A haphazard roll-up of an already short sleeve creates a slightly unkempt, yet totally cool mood while unbuttoning the top button cements the devil-may-care flair. His man jewelry and tattoos don’t hurt either, but the ink is not required.

Be a rip-off

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

The surefire way to make candy-cane stripes a bit less saccharine is to pair them with distressed, ripped-up denim. The Daniel W. Fletcher runway dictated this particular shirt as a layering element for long john-style underpinnings. But, take it from Styles, and wear the precious silk shirting with a grungier pair of jeans and you’ll be well on your way to sweet fashion victory.

Keep it simple

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

Source: Instagram/DanielWFletcher

Above all else, what Styles proves in his silk shirt obsession is that the key to an effortlessly cool sartorial attitude is to keep it simple. Stripping away all the layering pieces and complex styling components, he wears his stripes in a no-muss, no-fuss way. So, grab a pajama-inspired shirt and a pair of black jeans, and get dressed for the day.

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