Hate Ironing? How to Wear a Wrinkled Shirt

You may know every clothing hack in the book (and may even like refastening a button while watching Game of Thrones), but there’s one thing that most guys loathe. Ironing. Between setting up the board, flattening every wrinkle, and keeping your threads in pristine condition until you actually wear them, the grueling tasks tends to be more stress than it’s worth. So many times you’ve wished that you could toss the iron and live the rest of your life in wrinkled shirts — less work, plus you can watch Game of Thrones in peace.

While it’s a good idea in theory, wearing a wrinkled top without looking like a total slob is no easy feat. Until now, that is. Want to wear wrinkles with style? Here’s how.

1. Underneath a crew-neck sweater

Man that hates ironing

Hate ironing? Here’s how to wear a wrinkled shirt | iStock.com

Here’s the thing about dress shirts: The body of the garment can crimp up with one false fold; however, the collar tends to stay intact. Don’t want to blow your cover and expose yourself as an iron-adverse guy? Throw on a crewneck sweater. With results that are equal parts preppy and professional, you can wear this option with jeans, trousers, or even funky shorts depending on the event.

2. With casual slacks

young man sitting on park bench

Young man sitting on park bench | iStock.com/Halfpoint

It doesn’t necessarily take a fashion guru to know that wearing a wrinkled shirt to the office is a major faux pas. Regardless of your industry, you always want to look polished and professional. However, a crinkled dress shirt will look on point in a more casual setting like a barbecue or tropical vacation. Pairing an unkempt top with some distressed jeans will have you running the risk of looking sloppy beyond repair, but a cool khaki or chino will keep this fashion-forward.

3. Layered under a denim jacket

a wrinkled shirt

A wrinkled shirt | iStock.com

Pairing a wrinkled shirt with something as dressy as a blazer will give onlookers the impression that you simply do not care about your appearance. Mixing this laid-back top with a more casual layer such as a jean jacket on the other hand? The perfect fit.  Equal parts casual and stylish, this combination would be perfect for the beach or movie night with your significant other.  Keep this look fashion-forward by combining it with with a pair of black fitted jeans and combat boots.

4. Unbuttoned over a T-shirt

Man with shirt over t-shirt

Man with shirt over t-shirt | iStock.com

The great thing about chambray, linen, and polyester button-downs (wrinkled or not)? They can be a great layering piece. And while we all know they’re great for slipping underneath jackets and sweaters, they can also double as a lightweight jacket. When paired with a plain white T-shirt, a wrinkled dress shirt will look cool instead of questionable. Keep up the relaxed vibe throughout the whole outfit by styling this combination with skinny jeans and white slip-on sneakers.

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