#HeatHacks: 5 Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Days

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Runners share a water bottle

Runners share a water bottle | Pixabay

The end-of-summer heat tends to separate the men from the boys. No matter where you might find yourself – a backyard BBQ, the weight room, or even an intense office lacking air conditioning — when the heat is on, only a relative few are able to withstand it. You may work outside under the intense summer sun, or have a high-pressure white-collar job that leaves you sweating from nine to five; the point is, we all face intense situations.

The fact is, high temperatures can be dangerous, and if you’re someone whose daily routine requires you to be in the thick of the action day in and day out, you need to be ready to handle the heat.

What can you do to face down the heat, be it from a punishing sun, or a sweltering and intense office? You need to know your heat hacks and come in prepared — mentally and physically — to spoil the broil. Here are five heat hacks you can use to get through even the hottest of summer days.

1. Dress the part

Try out new Breathable underwear from Fruit of the Loom that feature unique breathable micro-mesh fabric to keep you cool all day long. Even if you’re working under a brutal summer sun for a solid eight hours and plan on hitting the gym afterward, this is underwear that will keep you comfortable.

Along with your undergarments, if you know you’re in for a scorcher, plan your wardrobe accordingly. If possible, wear loose fitting clothing made from breathable fabrics and materials. Also, certain colors and styles can attract and trap heat against your body, so find something that’s light and airy.

2. Don’t forget to eat and drink

You might lose your appetite when it’s hot outside. Think about it — if you’ve been working out in the sun all morning, you might not be craving that peanut butter sandwich and jalapeno chips you packed for lunch. Even so, you’ll still need to make sure you’re eating and replenishing your body’s resources. Stick to light, small snacks throughout the day, and try to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Don’t take dehydration lightly, either. Your body will go through water very fast, and if you start to feel dehydrated, start replenishing your fluids immediately. Signs to watch out for include sleepiness or fatigue, headaches, and a dry mouth.

3. Use breathing tricks

Sometimes you need to look inward to chill – both physically and mentally. Take a play from the yoga practitioner’s playbook, and use a simple but effective breathing exercise to cool your body down. Using deep, calm breaths, you can help your body vent heat and calm your heart rate. As you calm down, your body’s metabolic system will slow and stop burning energy at such a furious rate, hopefully bringing your body temperature down with it, ever so slightly.

4. Rearrange your schedule

Do you have your daily routine down to a science? Summer weather may throw you a curveball with some incredibly oppressive days. If that’s the case, be ready to rearrange your schedule, if possible. Though you likely have a set work schedule, try doing any extracurricular activities — an outdoor hobby, for example, or going to the gym — during the cooler hours in the morning. If you have some flexibility at work, try completing your more demanding or physical tasks earlier in the day, before the heat sets in.

5. Don’t forget to bring a towel

One trick that you may not have considered? Using a towel to cool down. If you’re on an outdoor job site, throw a damp towel (or two) inside a portable cooler at the beginning of the day. Once the heat starts kicking in, take it out and wrap around your neck – you’ll feel relief instantly. Have a backup towel as well, so that you can switch off between the two when the effect wears off.

Fruit of the Loom underwear

Fruit of the Loom underwear | Fruit of the Loom

Though all of these heat hacks will help you stay cool and comfortable to some extent, start with the one that will make the biggest difference throughout the day and wear breathable underwear. Fruit of the Loom’s line of breathable undergarments will make a massive difference in keeping you comfortable on the hottest of days, and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the switch earlier.

The best part? They’re affordable and available almost everywhere, even at your local Target and Walmart.

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