Heidi Pratt Reveals Her Casual Post-Baby Style

New mom Heidi Pratt has been revealing small glimpses of her casual post-baby style on social media since giving birth to her son in October 2017. And she has even utilized her platform to share her philosophy on her post-baby body, too.

On Oct. 24, 2017, the former reality star took to her Instagram Stories to share why she’s not worried about her weight just yet. Stating, “I’m not worrying too much about my post-baby body yet. I think that I’ll get in shape and healthy when the time’s right. But, right now, I just want to relax.”

Unlike other celebrities who may be in a rush to lose weight and look ultra stylish, Heidi Pratt is keeping it real in her husband’s T-shirts and comfortable dresses, ponchos, and more. Take a look at what Pratt has been wearing post-baby, ahead.

This super cute, fall-inspired outfit

In an advertised post on Instagram, Pratt shared a fall-inspired, casual look with her followers. We love the cozy poncho from BB Dakota and the way the former reality star styled her light-washed jeans with a black top and riding boots.

Overall, the look is something that her followers can relate to and wear whether they’re a new mom or not.

These trendy gold aviators

Heidi Pratt in gold aviators post-baby

Heidi Pratt via Instagram

On Oct. 19, 2017, Heidi Pratt took to her Instagram Stories to share her baby’s due date (though, he was born on Oct. 1). Pratt looked ultra stylish in a striped dress, crystal pendant necklace, and trendy gold aviators.

This cotton striped dress

Heidi Pratt with her son in a striped dress

Heidi Pratt via Instagram

Speaking of her striped dress, here’s a better look at it. And it looks like she coordinated with baby! There’s no telling where Pratt bought her dress, but we found a similar one that looks just as cozy, here.

This stylish diaper backpack

Heidi Pratt's stylish diaper backpack

Heidi Pratt via Instagram

Price: $189

Who said diaper bags have to be ugly? We love the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Pratt shared on her Instagram Stories. While it is a bit pricey, the diaper backpack is stylish enough to wear as a regular backpack once baby is potty trained.

Her husband’s T-shirt

Heidi Pratt in Spencer Pratt's T-shirt post-baby

Heidi Pratt via Instagram

Pratt has been no stranger to wearing her husband’s T-shirts post-baby. In a video on her Instagram Stories, the former reality star showed off one of Spencer Pratt’s red T-shirts.

This red flannel

Heidi Pratt enjoying a glass of wine post-baby

Heidi Pratt via Instagram

Another casual item Heidi Pratt has been wearing post-baby? Flannels! And while she has yet to share an actual picture on her Instagram, Pratt has been no stranger to flannels in her post-baby life. Here’s a glimpse of her in a red one while enjoying her first glass of wine in 10 months.

This comfy gray T-shirt

Heidi Pratt in a gray T-shirt post-baby

Heidi Pratt via Instagram

In another Instagram Stories post, Pratt was seen in an ultra-thin gray T-shirt — a staple in her post-baby style. We love how she’s been so candid in her casual outfits with her followers. It goes to show that while new moms may experience pressure to look their best post-baby, the reality is baby comes first and style must adapt to that.

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