5 Holiday Trends You Need to Avoid This Season

The holiday season is finally here. Whether you’re going to a party, making gingerbread houses in your kitchen, or visiting Santa with the kids, there’s no better (or easier) way to get into the holiday spirit than dressing up in some festive garb. But just because your outfit is the right color or has just enough sparkle doesn’t mean you should wear it. Like any other occasion, there are good trends as well as bad ones. This year, stay on the sartorial nice list by avoiding these five holiday trends.

1. Ugly holiday sweaters

Ugly holiday sweaters

Ugly holiday sweaters | iStock.com/gpointstudio

‘Tis the season for ugly sweaters. With virtually every type of sweater imaginable, from ones with kitschy festive sayings, to a blinking reindeer nose, to Darth Vader-clad ones, there is something for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you should actually wear an ugly holiday sweater this season. Unless you’re going to a tacky sweater-centric party, keep it tucked away in the depths of your closet. You won’t win any style points with your sweater and while it’ll give you a chuckle, it’s just as clichéd as your boss wearing a Christmas tree tie to the annual holiday party. Instead, opt for a fair isle sweater. It’s just as festive but arguably more tasteful.

2. Hair Bow

a girl wearing a hair bow

A hair bow | iStock.com/petrenkod

No pretty present is complete without a frilly bow on top — but your outfit can forgo the headpiece. The holiday season unleashes the inner child in most of us, so you may end up seeing some hair bows on adults this year. Is it cute? Sure. Do you also look like you’re five-years-old? Absolutely. As a modern, style-conscious woman, you want to look polished and sophisticated year-round, so anything that automatically ages you 10 years down (and not in a good way) should get the boot. For great hair, stick to a luxurious blow out or experiment with a new do’.

3. Sparkly eye makeup

set of decorative cosmetics

Eye makeup | iStock.com/-oqIpo-

If you’re looking to experiment with makeup, consider this season as a great, judgement-free time to do so. But while a strong cat-eye liner, contour, and punchy red lip are holiday-approved, we can’t say the same for super shimmery eyeshadows. Sure, most of us are guilty of having a glitzy shadow or two back in our teenage years, but this beauty trend takes away from your natural features and essentially turns you into a human disco ball. Plus, all that shimmer for your eyelids will likely travel to your cheeks, hands, and who-knows-where else. If you want to experiment with sparkle this season, stick with a sequin mini dress on New Year’s Eve.

4. Wearing green and red … together

A woman wearing red and green

A woman wearing red and green | iStock.com/Ales_Utovko

Since what seems like the beginning of time, red and green have been the official colors for the holiday season, whether or not you observe Christmas. Wearing red or green is a great way to show off your festive side, but wearing the two colors together? Hard pass. When you’re over the age of 10 and want to dress in spirit, the key is to be subtle  — and red and green together is the exact opposite. To make your cheery red sweater or skirt more wearable — and less Hallmark Christmas movie — pair it with neutral pieces like a pair of black jeans or white sweater.

5. Wearing a Santa hat in public

A girl wearing a Santa Claus hat

A girl wearing a Santa Claus hat | iStock.com/Massonstock

Don’t get us wrong: We love the spirit of Santa as much as the next holiday-obsessed person, but we draw the line when we spot mere mortals sporting his signature cap. Similar to wearing red and green together, donning a red and white Santa hat is only subtle if you’re headed to SantaCon — and that’s only because everyone else is doing the same thing. Though this hat may look fetching when Kris Kringle pairs it with his signature matching suit and heavy duty boots, it cheapens any other look — even if you’re wearing something as luxurious as an  expensive evening dress. If you want to stay warm, a charming beanie, beret, or ear-flapped topper is a great alternative.