6 Solutions to Your Summer Beauty Problems

Summer may be the season of bright days and barbecue nights with a side of sandy beaches, slip-and-slides, and pool parties thrown in the mix. But all that fun in the sun can come with some not-so-fun side effects if you’re not careful. Don’t let any summer beauty woes get the best of you this season. These six quick fixes will change any hot mess to a heck yes in no time.

1. Go for the glow

These solutions will solve your summer beauty problems

These solutions will solve your summer beauty problems | Source: iStock


In the height of a particularly sweltering summer, even a short stint outside can leave you nothing short of sweaty and wanting to take a shower and wash your face at every turn. However, it’s time to turn that sweat into sparkle. Dewy skin is a major “do” once the months turn sticky. The way to maintain the glow with looking greasy is by starting with a good matte primer that will prevent too much oiliness. Then, rather than constantly trying to powder your face throughout the day, simply carry a pack of blotting papers in your purse. A quick blot through the T-zone and you’ll be golden; don’t even worry about your cheeks. Naturally flushed, gleaming cheeks are what make this look work. Spritzing on a face mist is another option to further make your glowing skin look intentional so you can keep your cool — no matter how hot it gets.

2. Smudge it around

Keeping eye makeup pristine and in its place can be a lose-lose situation between the unavoidable daily sweat factor not to mention regular rendezvous at the sports stadium, the soccer field, and the swimming pool — and everywhere in between. Even waterproof mascara and eyeliner can let you down. If you know you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time outside or in the water, the best thing you can do is embrace more of a fresh-faced, au naturel look and nix the heavy application of mascara and eye liner. Focus on a sun-kissed faux glow and a berry-stained lip. That said, if you do find yourself with eye makeup running down your face, don’t fret. Gently wipe your cheeks, then grab a Q-tip and gently smudge the remaining liner and mascara along the upper and lower lash lines. The intentional smudge is summer’s version of the smoky eye. Just make sure it doesn’t venture too raccoon-like.

3. Kill the chlorinated effect

Friends hanging out in the summer

Friends hanging out in the summer | Source: iStock

Chlorine may combat the creepy crawlies in that pool, but it is a fairly harsh chemical treatment that can do quite a number on your skin and hair, stripping them of their natural moisture and oils. If you’re always in the water, you may want to complement that poolside culture with a few strategies to keep your summer glow as bright as possible. First of all, showering immediately after swimming can help prevent dry and flaky skin that can occasionally result from extended chlorine exposure. Applying a moisturizing body lotion directly after the shower, when skin is highly receptive to product, is also a good rule to follow.

As for your luscious locks, keep them as lovely as possible during the summer by first protecting the hair with the regular use of conditioners and masks that nourish and shield from chlorine and UV exposure, both of which can lead to dull, thinning, and dry hair. That after-pool shower will help here, too, to rinse out the chlorine quickly. If you’re swimming laps or spending every day in the pool, you may want to consider a swim cap. It’s the best way to protect those silky strands.

4. Watch for shadiness


Sunglasses | Source: Warby Parker

Sunglasses are the epitome of form and function in the summertime. Not only do they add a stylish edge to your look, they keep you from squinting and protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. But don’t let your shades compromise your complexion! Because the frames sit in the same place on your face every day, they come into contact with the same areas of skin — most commonly between the eyebrows, under the eyes, and along the bridge of the nose — and sometimes cause breakouts as a result. The regular cleaning of lenses and frames will do much in the way of preventing any breakouts. Just rinse them with soap and water or an antibacterial wipe.

5. Be a frizz kid

woman styling hair with curling iron

A woman styling her hair | Source: iStock

Humidity-induced frizz does not discriminate come summertime; no one is immune to the frizzy curl that can compromise your sleek strands, especially in extra-muggy climates. But, in lieu of carrying a straightening iron around all the time or simply throwing in the towel and putting your hair in a ponytail, embrace the wave. Tousled beach curls are the ultimate summer hairstyle, even if you’re nowhere near the water. The easiest way to be a Blue Crush beauty, sans a morning surf lesson, is with a sea salt spray that will banish the frizz and leave pretty waves in its wake. There are a number of products on the market; the salt-infused products are a surefire way to create sexy, wind-tossed, beach-y styles. Also, remember to keep your locks soft and hydrated with a good conditioner, as this will also help control the frizz, too.

6. Don’t feel the burn

woman applying sun protection lotion

A woman applying sunscreen | Source: iStock

It should be a no-brainer, but SPF is mandatory all the time — and especially in the summer when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Slathering on sunscreen for your face and body is essential, but it’s important not to forget areas like your scalp (wear a hat or don’t part your hair, for starters!), your décolletage, and along your ears which can all easily get burned if you’re not careful. If you did bake a few minutes too long at the beach, the best way to treat a burn is to take a cool shower or bath. You can even add a couple cups of oatmeal and whole milk along with a few tablespoons of honey to the bath water, which will work wonders to soothe the skin and provide nourishing vitamins and nutrients. Apply an all-natural aloe vera treatment afterwards — the cooling quality will feel great and it will help your skin heal, too.

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