How (and Why) Modern Men Should Wear a Topcoat

For starters, if you aren’t sure what a topcoat is, it’s a nice way to add a finishing touch to most men’s outfits — suits, in particular. Topcoats are overcoats that typically reach knee-length and are usually worn over suits. Investing in a topcoat is ideal for the gentleman who finds himself either wearing suits on a daily basis or frequently attending formal events that require a bit of style. Most likely this will become your go-to formal coat, so you want to make sure the fit is ideal to completely a clean put together look.

Pay attention to fit


Man wearing a topcoat|

There are a few things to consider when it comes to fit, but one of the most important things is how snug it will fit on your body. If the topcoat is too oversized, you can end up looking boxy, and it can totally negate the overall look you are going for. However, a topcoat is the top layer of your look, so you will want to factor in bit of extra room, so that it is not too tight when worn with your suit. Avoiding bunching up in the sleeves and pay attention to the fit in the shoulders. By simply going with the wrong size, you can end up looking disheveled and messy.

When to wear it

Two different styles of wearing a top coat

Two different styles of wearing a top coat |

Although mostly worn with suits, the topcoat pairs nicely with both business casual and laid back looks as well. It really helps to showcase one’s personal style, so don’t be afraid to experiment with options that may be considered outside the box. Layering your topcoat with a denim jacket, vest, or cardigan is definitely a chic approach to styling this form of outerwear. Avoid wearing unkempt shoes or ripped jeans, although jeans are completely acceptable especially if you are keeping it casual.

Add a pop of color


Try something other than black or brown | Baron Boutique

Remember this coat is not limited to solely fancy or formal occasions, so sticking to color options that will make it easier for you to incorporate into other looks is probably a good idea. To get more wear out of your topcoat, there is always the traditional blue, brown, gray, and black options. This most certainly works well whether you are dressing your coat up or down.

However, if you are looking for a more daring look, don’t be afraid to incorporate a bit of color especially if you plan on owning more than one topcoat. Consider statement colors like red or burgundy — these options also look great when paired with a dark suit like navy or black.

Try texture and pattern

Stylish man wearing a coat and scarf holding an umbrella and hat

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If this is too fashion forward for you, consider other design attributes like the fabric or minimal detailing. Most coats come in wool, but perhaps a topcoat in a herringbone pattern with subtle black markings might be more up your alley. Additional options when it comes minimal design might include a detailed or pronounced collar which looks great in colder months when popped up.