How to Actually Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Why is it that every time you find the perfect pair of jeans, their perfection only lasts for so long? Well, it could be because of how you’re taking care of them (or lack thereof). Whether you spent $15 on a pair of jeans or shelled out $100, you should be taking precautions to get as much wear out of this wardrobe staple as possible. Here are the steps you need to follow to actually make your jeans last longer.

Female wearing jeans

Female wearing jeans |

Break in your denim

It’s rare that a pair of jeans will fit perfectly right off the bat. You’ll need to allow for some time to break in your denim, whether you like it or not. How long it will take until you have your denim broken in depends on how often you actually wear them and how active you are. You should allow for six months until your jeans start really looking like yours.

Take care while washing

If your jeans do magically fit perfectly as soon as you buy them, you might be tempted to refrain from washing them longer than you should. However, you’re going to have to give them a wash before they start smelling not-so-great.

When it is time to freshen up your denim, don’t just throw them in the washer without proper care. Your best bet is turning them inside out and washing them in cold water with a mild detergent. Keep them separated from other items, which will keep the color from fading and keep crinkles at a minimum.

Air dry only

You might think that because denim is a tough material, throwing them in the dryer would be fine. Well, think again. Be sure to only air dry your denim, as the hot air from a dryer will cause shrinkage and generally make your jeans lose their shape.

After you’re finished washing your jeans inside out, turn them back to right side out. Next, according to D’Marge, you should “shake them out, then smooth them with your hands to get rid of creases.” They also recommend, “Hang them in the shade to dry so the sun doesn’t cause fading.”

Man wearing jeans

Man wearing jeans |

Store your jeans properly

At the end of a long day, you may be inclined to toss your jeans on the floor and forget about them until the next time you wear them. Even if you work up the effort to fold your jeans, you still aren’t doing them any good. You’ll crease them in places they shouldn’t be creased and they’ll simply get worn out quicker.

You should hang your jeans by their loops, which will allow them to keep their shape and will even keep them more aired out.

Catch damage early

As you wear your jeans, they’re bound to eventually show signs of damage. Be on the lookout for signs of damage early on, because one little frayed hem could quickly turn into a full-on rip. According to D’Marge, “The essential skill to learn is ‘darning,’ which weaves denim threads back into a beat-up pair of jeans to repair rips, tears, holes, and other injuries with a natural look.”

If you don’t feel equipped enough to fix the damages yourself, a professional will know what to do. However, if the repair price is more expensive than the jeans themselves, it may be time to go buy a new pair.

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