How to Add Swagger to Your Clothes

Swagger can be displayed in how you walk, your attitude, and what you wear. Don’t worry — adding a little swagger to your T-shirt and jeans combo is simple. You can add a few extra accessories to a casual outfit, or you can rock a new hairstyle that screams stylish. Ready to show the world your swag? Read on.

1. Tie your shirt around your waist

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Man with a shirt around his waist |

The ’90s style is coming back big time, and both celebrities and cool guys are embracing this retro fashion trend. Reminiscent of eternal rock god Kurt Cobain, you can epitomize this style by taking a long-sleeve shirt and tying it around your waist. This is very popular in street-style fashion, and it’s a sure-fire way to amp up your swagger. Just make sure you don this with a casual outfit. Sneakers are an order.

2. Try an interesting hat

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Go for a hat that doesn’t have a team logo |

One of the most important accessories of the day is a hat. It’s an easy way to make a statement and take your outfit to new heights. If you’re going to wear a hat that has a message or insignia, make sure you wear it either facing forward or backward — do not wear it sideways. Try matching a white hat with white sneakers, or if you’re feeling extra relaxed, try a head-to-toe black look with subtle hints of color. For those who are feeling really adventurous, it’s also fun to match your hat to your shoes in other complimentary colors (think shades of red and blue).

3. Go for the beanie (and add a hoodie)

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Now that fall is nearly here, it means that it’s almost beanie season. A beanie creates an incredibly cool look — especially with a casual, laid-back outfit. Try a dark color, or one that pops, like red, to wear with a muted outfit. If you’re feeling like you need a little more swagger than that, throw on a fitted hoodie. If chilly weather is heading your way, simply pull your hood up over your beanie — so swagger-liscious.

4. Try a sweatshirt with a print or saying

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Instead of wearing a knit sweater, throw on a non-hooded sweatshirt. Make sure it’s not too bulky or too fitted: It should fit just right. Try it in an easy muted or bold (but not too bold) color. Extra swag points for those who wear it with a statement saying or an interesting pattern. Just remember: There is a fine line between cool and tacky, so proceed with caution.

5. Get a noticeable time piece

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A nice watch is the perfect accessory to top off your look. Although a nice, classic time piece is an excellent choice, try going for one that has a slightly larger than normal face. This is a really easy way to take your outfit over the edge into the full-on swag zone.

And as always, when in doubt, throw on a leather motorcycle jacket.