How Every Man Can Find the Perfect Shirt Color

Choosing the perfect color to complement your eyes, skin tone, and hair color can be a daunting task because there are so many to choose from. Fortunately, finding the perfect shade to compliment your look isn’t an unsolvable riddle — in fact, once you have a solid understanding of color, it can be downright easy.

For example, almost all men look great in black shirts; it’s a color that’s flattering and slimming. But, make sure you don’t dress in black from head to toe. If you do want to wear a monochrome look, try a lighter or darker shade of black on the bottom.

It’s best to remember one thing when choosing the shirt color that’s right for you: Colors express the way we feel and reflect who we are on the outside, as fashion tends to do. When figuring out what color shirt works best for you and will best complement your look as well as your coloring, take these recommendations into consideration.

Consider your atmosphere

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Think about where you’ll be wearing it before you buy |

Consider where you’re going before you make a decision on your shirt color. Are you heading to the office, somewhere after work, or is it the weekend and you’re heading to brunch? There are different colors that are more suited and conducive to the situation. Case in point: designer Felix Ojok tells Daily Monitor guys should save anything super bright for when they’re not on the clock. He added, “Offices appeal to cream, black, white, blue, and navy shades.”

If you must wear a bright color to work, stick with a neutral shirt and add pops or hints of color to your accessories, like a necktie or pocket square. Sunday brunch, on the other hand, is a perfect time to experiment with your shirt color to see what compliments your skin tone, eye color, and personality best.

Stick with your go-to colors


Find some shades you can always rely on |

Is there a color shirt that you regularly get compliments on when you wear it? That’s a great indicator that this color works for you. Something about this color makes you pop; it either accentuates your skin tone or eye color. Believe it or not, eye color is very important when it comes to choosing the right color.

A few more notes

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Darker colors are more slimming | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

If you’re trying to look slim, avoid bright-colored shirts. Instead, add color with accents that will draw favorable attention to your face. In that same vein, bright and light shirt colors tend to bulk you up and can make you appear larger. If you usually opt for darker or dull colors, they may make you look thinner and smaller. And when it comes to skin color, adhere to some of these rules: Men with muted or softer coloring tend to look better in dusty or hazy colors that have a hint of gray or look faded. For example, powder blue tends to work for men with light hair and skin, whereas men with darker complexions and hair look better in bright, crisp, clear, and rich colors that pop, such as navy blue.

Still unsure of what color shirt is right for you? provides a wheel and suggestions for what color clothing best compliments your eyes, skin tone, and hair color. But bear in mind, these are suggestions. Feel free to play around.