How to Create the Modern Man’s Side Part

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This classic style, considered a traditional hairstyle choice for men, has seen a resurgence as of late. The newer, modern interpretation of the man’s side part has solidified its timeless appeal. While there are a wide range of interpretations of this style, there are several key aesthetics you can go for when channeling this traditional look. If you’re opting for a more retro-revival type look, your choices range from wearing it the classic way to adopting a more textured style. No matter which way you choose to wear it, make sure to keep the look well polished. Here are the essentials you need to know to properly rock the modern man’s side part.

First thing’s first: Know your hair type

This is first because it’s the most obvious and, of course, the main determining factor in what kind of side part you should opt for. According to TheTrendSpotter, if you’re a gentleman with straighter hair, you’re going to want to add more texture to your look in order to modernize the ‘do, whereas men with curly (or curlier) hair need to be more conscious of where their hair falls. Men with curly hair may also want to experiment with different lengths to suit their face in order to optimize the side-part look.

Get the right cut

The only way to successfully rock this look is by having the right tapered hair cut for your hair type, as dimensions are everything when it comes to rocking this look. Men’s Health recommends that when you’re in either your barber’s chair or a hair stylist’s chair to ask for a classic, graduated shape with short sides. This cut will contrast the longer, heavier top section, which will allow you to style your hair at home more easily, while also allowing for more versatility when you part your hair. “By keeping the back and sides short, you retain a strong masculine shape,” says stylist Nick Arrojo to Men’s Health. “The length on top will allow for classically sleek or loose and textured styling.”

Try a modernized pompadour to play with the proportions of your hair. This style is accomplished by buzzing the sides of your hair, while it gradually gets thicker as you move up to the top of your head. Make sure to think about modern cuts that mix classic and contemporary when wearing the side part.

Find the appropriate side part

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A side part | Source: iStock

Finding the right side part for your hair is much easier than you think. First, find out which way your hair naturally grows, as this will allow you to find a natural part and will also dictate the line where you should comb your hair down when trying out the side-part look. It’s easiest to look for the part when your hair is wet so that you can clearly see which direction your hair falls, reports TheTrendSpotter. Keep the part as close to the ear as possible, right about where the side part of your head transitions to the crown. “Low parts create a square shape, which looks great on everyone,” Arrojo tells Men’s Health.

If you’re still unsure about where your hair should appropriately part, heed the advice of Miles Elliot, part owner and barber at Barbershop at 8 Rivington in New York City: “It all starts with a person’s cowlick.” That is the outward spiral of hair that starts at the top of your head, which is located more toward the back of head. Therein lies the easiest way to see which direction your hair really goes, making it easier to determine the right part for you. Elliot says the if he spiral moves clock-wise then the part should be on your left side, and vice versa. He adds: “If you’re one of the lucky few to have two cowlicks, you can part it either way.”

Finish it off with product

To complete the side-part hairdo, you need a strong-hold mousse or pomade to really pull off the style and keep it in place. If you’re going for a more retro look, then opt for a product with shine, and if you want more of a contemporary one, go for a matte finish. Give some of these hair products a try to solidify your do.

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