How to Cut and Style Thinning Hair

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Balding is not something easily accepted by many men. They fight their thinning follicles with whatever ammunition they can find: Rogaine, hair transplants, hair replacements, and dreaded toupees, but there’s no need for any of that. Embrace your balding dome proudly, and as it begins to thin, consider styling and cutting your hair in ways that most flatter the balding process. Embrace your baldness with confidence, and don’t fight it. Instead, work with it, and take comfort knowing that some of the sexiest men in Hollywood are bald.

Here’s some helpful advice on how to style and cut thinning hair.

Pick the right person

You have two choices when it comes to picking who will cut and style your hair: a barber or a hair stylist. Your first option is a barber, who essentially works like an assembly line for haircuts, Jeff Sacino, head hairstylist for NBC’s The West Wing, tells Men’s Health. As a general rule, a barber is a much more logical choice the less hair you have, and if you know exactly what you want.

Your other option is going to a hair stylist. “Stylists will always choose a hairstyle that fits your face,” Sacino explains to Men’s Health. “They’ll take the time to justify the cut and tell you why it’ll work for you.”

Pick the right style

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1. Shave it all off

This cut works fantastically for really thin hair “because you can barely see the hair,” celebrity men’s stylist Thom Priano, co-founder of the hair-care line R+Co, explains to Men’s Health. This is also the ideal request when going to see your local barber. It’s badass and low-maintenance. Looking to buzz it yourself? Grab shaving cream and your razor and start shaving as you would your face. It’s OK if you don’t like it. Guess what? It’ll grow back.

2. High and tight

This style is a close relative to the military crew cut, and gives the illusion that you have more hair. According to Men’s Health, your hair in the back should be as short as possible. This way, it’ll blend at the thinning area.

3. The short crop

If you’re a lucky gent that still has some hair even though it’s starting to thin, this is a very easy and complimentary look for you. To give your hair some fullness, simply ask your go-to person to cut your hair finger-length or shorter all around your head. 

4. Deal with the horseshoe

If you’ve balded to the point that you’re left with a horseshoe, which is little to no hair on the top but a lot of the sides, try to keep it as neat and natural as possible. With the little hair you have left on the top, keep it short, and don’t be afraid to show some dome skin. 

5. Balance it out with a beard

The blog The Effortless Gent suggests growing a beard to balance out your balding dome. Facial hair can add contrast, and it allows you to play with your look a little bit more — at least with the hair on your face. Try anything from a little facial stubble to a full-on beard, and just make sure you don’t let it get out of control by investing in a pair of beard trimmers.

One final note: Business Insider recommends taking care of your scalp. Moisturizer and sunscreen should become your best friend.

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