How to Dress Like Your Favorite ‘Game of Thrones’ Character

Game of Thrones

‘Game of Thrones’ | Source: HBO

The hotly anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones season 6 was just a few weeks ago on April 24. And if you cannot get enough of the game, then we invite you to play by a new set of rules when it comes to your wardrobe. Why not add some medieval overtones to your Monday and live a bit of fantasy with your fashion?

Women’s wear designers have been taking haute couture to “Hodor” couture for awhile now, injecting urban fashion statements with Seven Kingdoms-inspired flair. But recently, men’s collections have also followed suit, super-sizing their collections with minimal body-conscious silhouettes along with looks that evoke the structure of body armor, fauna-printed separates, and other Game of Thrones-worthy garb.

No need to fret, though. This isn’t an early primer for Halloween 2016; there are plenty of Game of Thrones costumes available that we urge you to explore if you’re so inclined.

Rather, this GoT guide is more about how to look your handsomest while navigating the Westerosi world of fashion. Up your style game with these options.

The Stark Club

rick owens, men's fashion, game of thrones fashion

Rick Owens Fall 2016 | Source: Instagram/@RickOwensOnline

No DJ, disco ball, or dance floor here … the outlook is a bit bleaker among the boys of House Stark — or what’s left of them. But that doesn’t mean that Stark-inspired fashion has to lose its cool. Especially relevant in the winter months, an ensemble inspired by these men of the North will have you warm and toasty while looking perpetually chill. Form and function is key here, meaning fur and utilitarian style statements, especially for the particularly harsh climates. The, ahem, stark sensibility and minimalistic aesthetic of the house of Helmut Lang fit right in here. But, it might be designer Rick Owens who had the most Stark-centric statements for Fall 2016. His “Mastodon” collection piled fur on top of fur with lots of oversized layers in between while his Spring 2016 “Cyclops” offerings were plenty covered-up, too.


men's fashion, rick owens, games of thrones menswear

Rick Owens Spring 2016 | Source: Instagram/@rickowensonline

Lannister Luxe

Dolce & Gabbana, men's style, Game of Thrones style

Dolce & Gabbana | Source: Instagram/@dolcegabbana

While the late king Joffrey may be gone, there is still an air of luxe in his wake. The finest silks, the lushest fabrications, and the brightest golden hues are first and foremost here. But there’s no need to venture too extravagant. It’s all about the way you wear your regality on your sleeve — with inner confidence and swagger, of course. The plush swagger of Dolce & Gabbana is your perfect companion for classic luxury with a twist, given the label’s current love affair with the pajama-party trend that will have you looking like a spoiled royal in no time. We don’t necessarily advocate for wearing a crown, but the printed polo shirt is an easy way to add a bit of regal flora and fauna to your dress code without too much backlash. After all, everyone should be king for a day.

Dolce & Gabbana, Game of Thrones fashion, men's style

Dolce & Gabbana | Source: Instagram/@dolcegabbana


Watch It

Alexander Wang, men's style, Game of Thrones fashion

Alexander Wang | Source: Instagram/@alexanderwangny

All-black, all the time is the uniform for the rugged guardians of the realm, The Night’s Watch. Sportswear brands like Alexander Wang and Public School cater to the group of emo rangers, where utility is also key. Monochromatic moments don’t have to be boring, though — emulating The Night’s Watch really is just an opportunity to unleash your inner badass. Topman is an easily accessible and affordable option, too, for getting your Watch on.

Topman, men's style, game of thrones fashion

Topman | Source: Instagram/@topman

Dorne and Dashing

Topman, Men's style, game of thrones fashion, menswear

Topman | Source: Instagram/@topman

The sunny side of style is easily found in the men of Dorne, where dashing princes cavort amidst balmy weather and beautiful palaces. A wardrobe inspired by such surroundings should be chock full of warm, cabana vibes with lightweight fabrics and effortless yet eye-catching pieces. Topman’s floral shirts are ideal — you don’t want to trend too far toward Hawaiian tourist shirt here. Loewe’s Spring 2016 collection was eclectic to say the least, but the military undertones and medieval mash-ups mixed with a side of punk provide the pathway to take Dorne into daily life.

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