How Any Man Can Find the Perfect T-Shirt

Look through any man’s wardrobe. No matter his style or size, all men have one thing in common. They all wear plain, white T-shirts. But is a T-shirt really just a T-shirt? Not every plain, white tee is exactly the same, and while seemingly every brand offers one, how do you really know which to buy? It’s easy to choose the perfect T-shirt, once you know the basics of this basic.


A man wearing a perfect T-shirt

A man wearing a perfect T-shirt |

A classic T-shirt can be made of almost anything. Although the quality of cotton can vary from brand to brand, 100% cotton is never a bad choice. If you are worried about shrinkage, buy preshrunk shirts and dry them on low or on a hanger. Modal is another popular choice. Available mostly as part of a cotton blend, it is a synthetic fabric that has a soft, slinky feel to it. It also resists shrinking, but unfortunately can pill.

Pima or Supima cotton is the highest quality cotton available. The extra-long fibers are grown in the U.S., Australia, and South America. Supima is actually the trademarked name for 100% American-grown pima cotton. No matter what you choose, be wary of polyester or even polyester blends. This synthetic doesn’t breathe and tends to be the least comfortable.


Whether you choose a crewneck or a V-neck style depends on the purpose of the shirt. Just make sure when choosing a V-neck that it’s not too low — although a little bit of chest hair is OK. If you wear your T-shirts underneath button-down or dress shirts, get a slim-fit cut. Anything else and you risk losing a clean line or adding bulk. If you are wearing a T-shirt without anything over it, a slim fit might be too tight. As you try on T-shirts, look at the length in the shoulders to see if they are too big.

The perfect T-shirt

The perfect T-shirt isn't too hard to find

The perfect T-shirt isn’t too hard to find |

JKY by Jockey Three-Pack Crewneck: This is a good budget option to use as an undershirt. Made of 100% cotton, JKY by Jockey’s three-pack only costs $18.00 at Target. These shirts are tagless, very soft, fit well, and don’t roll up.

James Perse Lounge Short Sleeve Shirts: James Perse is known for their exceptionally soft, high-quality cotton fabrics and their Lounge Shirts are no exception. Made of 100% cotton, they are lightweight and available in both crew and V-neck styles. And if you’re not a white T-shirt kind of guy, you’re in luck because both styles are available in black.

Kit and Ace Mayne Tee: Kit and Ace is the newest venture of the Wilson Family, who started luxury activewear brand Lululemon. Kit and Ace make everything in a fabric they call “technical cashmere,” which is a fancy way of saying “cashmere blend.” Their Mayne Tee is made of 86% cotton, 10% cashmere, and 4% spandex. This blend creates an equally soft, flexible material. The shirt is also pre-shrunk and machine washable.