How to Look Polished While Wearing Sweatpants

Sweatpants: That delicious piece of clothing that can be thrown on at a moment’s notice and is made to match with anything and everything, mainly because you wouldn’t care enough to match it anyway. When worn the wrong way, ill fitting and baggy, can give off an air of: “I’ve officially given up,” which deep down, no man wants to convey.

The versatile sweatpant exists in two different worlds, the “I just rolled out of bed on a Sunday and this was the first thing I threw on” world, or the “cool guy who’s able to rock sweatpants fashionably” world. We will be referring to the latter.

Sweatpants, if worn the right way, will convey a different aura, take it from trendsetter Zac Efron who casually wears the perfect sweatpant look. He makes sweatpants look like acceptable everyday wear. Want to steal his sweaty style?

Here’s how to stylishly wear sweatpants.

1. Choose the right fit and pair


Pick a pair that looks polished | Source:

Do not go to Costco or any other warehouse club and buy just any ol’ pair of sweatpants; leave those for when you’re lounging around the house (never to be worn outside except when going to get your morning newspaper). The best place to look for stylish sweats is at a higher-end store, such as Nordstrom or Barneys, where you can rest assured that what you’re buying is on point and trendy. For a lower, more budget-friendly price point, check out the always on-target H&M.

I suggest ones that are a slimmer fit in the legs — yet still slouchy — and try to stick with sweatpants that are in the black and grey color spectrum, so you’ll have more to match them with. Try a vintage T-shirt, or balance out the extremely casual sweats with a clean tee that is not super-long torso-wise, but long enough to cover your backside.

2. Choose the correct context to wear them

Man Napping on a Couch, sleep, sweatpants

This is an appropriate setting | Source: iStock

Once you find your perfect pair of sweats, not only will you not want to take them off, but you’ll want to wear them everywhere. Try and resist that urge; you shouldn’t wear sweatpants in anywhere but a casual setting. It’s amazing how being comfortable affects your mood while you’re out. You’ll have your awesome sweats to thank for that. Wear them on the weekends, to brunch, and on a relaxing day out with your significant other. Just don’t let her steal them.

3. Style them right


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Balance out your sweatpant look with a higher-end nice pair of kicks and either, if the weather allows, a leather jacket or a bomber jacket. To avoid looking like Rocky Balboa, if you choose to wear it with a sweatshirt, just make sure it’s a nice, hooded zip-up.