How to Roll Your Jeans the Right Way

cuffed pants

Cuffed pants | Source: Trunk Club

In some respects, good fashion is an exact science, for instance, a perfectly tailored suit will flatter your figure tremendously, whereas one that is slouchy in all the wrong places will have the opposite effect on your figure. Another simple, yet very delicate fashion rule that also happens to be an exact science is rolling your jeans the right way. Rolling your jeans seems like a simple task, right? Well, you’re half-right: While it may seem like an easy style move to do, it can be a hard one to get perfect and if you do it with the wrong pair of pants or attempt an incorrect roll, it can be a crime of fashion disaster you can end up looking like you’re wearing your older brother’s pants. Do it right (and with the right pair) and you could pull off two different looks with every pair of your jeans you own.

Cuffing made simple

Now that we’re entering the season of bare ankles and legs, there is no better time to perfect the art of the roll. Understand that there are two very important things to realize when rolling your jeans: The fit of them and the shoes you wear. First, realize that when you roll your jeans into a cuff you’re drawing attention to your footwear, plus you’re showing a little extra skin at the ankle. This means that you have to be extra cautious about your shoes and make sure you’re wearing a nice clean, minimal pair of plimsolls or a trendy/classic pair of loafers.

Lastly, and most important of all  make sure you wear a nice fitting slim pair of jeans that are tailored correctly, as opposed to a longer, less fitted pair of jeans that look like you’re wadding in the water instead of looking stylish. Be sure to select a nice stylish pair with a length that fits you before considering the roll. The right, slim pair of jeans will only require a straightforward roll and make your life so much easier. You’ll be able to look in the mirror and determine whether you look cool with a rolled cuff or like you’re wearing a pair of pants that don’t fit you. (GQ says, don’t do what Leo does, in case you were wondering.)

Different types of cuffs:

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Generally speaking, rolling your jeans should be one of the easiest and quickest things you do all day but this may come with a little practice. You shouldn’t need to roll the right pair of jeans more than once or twice. Once you’ve perfected the roll, you can start to get a little more creative with the type of roll. Here are a few rolls to try with your jeans:

The Single Roll

Simply roll your jeans up once and (optional) then tuck the hem behind the rolled part. Works well with the right pair.

The Long Roll

If your pants are a little long, simply roll the jean a little higher to make up for the extra fabric. Works with slim cuts and selvedge denim. Just be aware that if you’re short, this type of roll may make your legs look shorter.

The Skinny Roll

Best done on a lighter weight denim because on a regular pair of denim these three thin, tight flips will add unnecessary bulk to your ankles.

The Double-Cuff

Simply roll the right pair of jeans  but be careful, because it will add slight heft to the bottom of your pants. This one is a very common roll.

The Pinroll

Pinch about an inch or two of your jeans at the side before you start rolling from the bottom. The pinroll is a roll technique that tapers wider cut pants. It works great on lighter weight pants and longer cuts (but not super long cuts).

The Cyclist Cuff

This one is perfect with light denims and for when it’s really hot out and you feel like riding a bike. This roll is really fun to try. Start off by doing the Double Cuff and then simply slide the rest of the jean all the way up to your calf so it sits just under your knee.
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