How to Shave Your Head Like a Badass

a bald man

A man with a shaved head | Source: Laura Henson Photography

Not all of us are blessed with the follicles of Brad Pitt. And even those of us who are losing hair don’t do it with the perfect balding grace of Patrick Stewart. Mine looks like a patchy mess. And a man accepts the fates he cannot change. So why not just shave it off?

Here is my process for grooming above the neck to maintain a killer look, while still being able to work in a professional environment.

3 steps to shaving your head like a badass

1. Clippers! If you are like me and don’t want to put a straight razor on your head every day, then having the right pair of clippers is essential. Don’t buy the cheap pair. Buy something good. Something that gives a close buzz, but doesn’t cut or irritate your skin. Everyone’s skin is different; so what works for one may not work for someone else.

The Oster is a classic that’s used in barber shops across the country, which means it’s literally professional grade. It will probably last a lifetime and can be depended to always get the job done. If it’s a little too pricey for you, Wahl makes a great affordable alternative that’s also incredibly durable and long-lasting.

2. Buzz away. It’s not too hard and you’ll get lots of practice. Buzz against the grain and clean up around the ears.

3. Inspection. Getting a handheld mirror and checking yourself is difficult, but not impossible. But calling in the wife, partner, or roommate to check for missed areas is better. She or he can be the eyes at the back of your head. Remember, we are trying to remove the patchy mess, not add to it.

Warning! Looking like a badass and not being one is a risky venture. So find something badass to participate in and go do it. Whatever it is, attack it with the confidence of a man on fire: martial arts, sports, hobbies, cars, chopping wood, whatever.

While you are at it, how about shaving your beard like a boss?