4 Tips Teaching You How to Wear a Colored Blazer

Even the most dapper gents get tired of wearing the same old colors everyday. That’s where adding bold hues to your wardrobe comes in. You might not be ready to commit to a full-on colored suit, but a blazer in a jewel tone might do the trick. Creating a look with a colored blazer is very easy to do. Just add a few pieces, and you can wear it with neutral trousers, chinos, or even jeans to complete your ensemble. Here are four dashing ways to wear your new colored blazer.

1. Wear it with neutral trousers

man wearing stylish blue blazer

A man wearing a blazer | iStock.com

A popular choice is adding wine shades such as Marsala, burgundy, and oxblood to your wardrobe. If you’re going to try this shade, pair your colored blazer with grey trousers and a crisp white dress shirt. Finish the look with black oxfords and some statement pieces like a printed Marsala color bow tie or a patterned pocket square. Remember that neutrals like greys, blacks, whites, dark blues, and browns look the best with wine colored jackets.

2. Keep it smart-casual with denim

man in denim jacket and glasses

man in denim jacket and glasses | iStock.com/itman__47

Add a touch of sophistication to a casual look with an olive green jacket. This color is no longer considered just for safari or military, it works perfect on its own or mixed with patterns. Pair your green blazer with dark washed denim and a patterned shirt with similar shades. Cuff your denim in a small roll, and keep your footwear simple by donning brown brogues. Wear minimal accessories — your jacket should be the statement piece — such as a watch or metal bracelet. This way the colored blazer is what stands out, and you don’t have all kinds of pieces fighting against each other for attention.

3. Try a bold, warm shade

yellow blazer

Yellow blazer | Amazon

A great color to try is the golden-yellow Oak Buf. This bold neutral looks amazing with cool shades but also with black, grey, and deep purples. Combine a yellow gold jacket with a white shirt, chinos in a blue-grey color, and black oxfords. Wear toned down accessories to pull off this color combo. For example, if you’re wearing a gold colored blazer, style it with brown or black accessories. For a more casual option, roll up the cuff of the chinos and switch your oxfords for canvas sneakers.

4. Mix with other colors

young man in an elegant velvet suit

young man in an elegant velvet suit | iStock.com/feedough

Blue blazers are pretty common, but when you wear one with a trouser in a bold color it can take your look to the next level. Opt for a blazer in a dark blue shade such as indigo, Reflecting Pond, or cobalt, and pair it with a Marsala colored trouser. Anchor the bold jacket and trouser by wearing a white shirt, and accessorize with a brown belt and brogues.