How to Wear Florals This Spring

“Florals for spring, groundbreaking.” If you haven’t heard these words before, they were uttered by the fictional character Miranda Priestly modeled after feared real life Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. Though the movie is considered a ‘chick flick’ it reveals the truth about florals: They’re as unimaginative a spring trend as fur trimmed parkas are in the winter. Arguably though, the floral trend has been much more prevalent in womenswear than menswear, and despite questionable style such as the Hawaiian shirt, florals for men are a less popular but interesting trend to try. If you’re itching to give it a go, here are five easy ways to give florals a try and incorporate them into your spring rotation.

Floral bomber

Floral bomber jacket

Floral bomber jacket | Source: Mr Porter

It’s nearly impossible to not mention the bomber jacket in any spring attire list. It would just be, well, wrong. Gucci’s Reversible Geranium Print Silk Twill Bomber Jacket is a showstopper and it’s not for the man who’s afraid to standout. You’re going to look like you’re in full bloom, or as Mr. Porter refers to the jacket, “reminiscent of 19th century botany illustrations.” Made in Italy of a silk-twill, the bomber is also reversible with a light-blue satin side for when you want to go under the radar. This bomber looks fantastic with slim fitting dark denim or tapered joggers and minimal leather trainers. However you choose to style it, just make sure you keep your outfit simple.

Floral tee

Floral T-Shirt

Floral T-Shirt | Source: ASOS

No, you don’t need to announce to the world that you are giving florals their time in the spotlight by plastering them on your chest or by flaunting a Hawaiian inspired T-shirt. While the floral shirt may not require as much nerve as donning a full-on floral bomber, this Rebel + Rogue T-shirt from ASOS is fitting and subtle enough for even the most anti-floral dudes. With a chest pocket and crew neck, rock this baby like Jared Leto would with a leather jacket.

Floral socks

Floral socks

Floral socks | Source: Urban Outfitters

Question: What adds some unexpected flare to that same old suit you wear to work day in and day out? Why, floral socks of course! Floral socks pair perfectly with a fitted, cuffed trouser that exudes that incredibly desirable Italian style that American men so covet. If you rock your pants just at the ankle, then a little hint of floral peeking out is very chic. While your ankles look like they’re blossoming  the black background color in this pair keeps the socks from looking too overwhelming or unwearable.

Floral slip-ons

Floral shoes

Floral shoes | Source: End Clothing

Not only are these sneakers spot on trend-wise  but Vans Classic Slip-Ons are sneakers that will never go out of style. So you definitely want to add this low-top sneaker to your spring rotation. Having a comfortable and minimal paneled upper design in black canvas with a Floral Aloha Print adds brightness and interest to any outfit you wear them with.  These pair beautifully with tapered joggers, rolled-up chinos, and denim shorts for when it really starts to warm up.

Floral pocket square

Floral pocket square

Floral pocket square | Source: The Tie Bar

What spring suit would be complete without a floral pocket square? None, that’s what. This printed silk square featuring vintage-inspired yellow and red flowers in a blue background or a champagne and blue in a burgundy background, and for those men that prefer to keep the color neutral, white and gray flowers in a black color looks handsome and understated. All of these pocket squares look great paired with a beige linen suit or even a light grey linen or tweed.

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