How to Wear Tweed (and Pull It Off)

Brooks Brothers Harris Tweed sport coat


Tweed is the fabric of the season; no matter what your style or age may be, you can easily score this look with little effort. This fabric has been around for centuries and always finds a way to reinvent itself. With tweed being well-insulated and tailored, it’s ideal for the winter season. You can find this fabric in variety of colors but it’s well-known for its earthy tones. If you have never incorporated tweed into your wardrobe before you will find a few tips below that will help get you started with ease.

When to wear tweed

Ideally tweed should be worn in the colder months; it really exemplifies the winter season. With this fabric being available in so many different forms ranging from pants to sports jackets, you can really find a way to incorporate tweed for almost every occasion. When it comes to styling an outfit, one of the key pieces you want to consider is a good sports jacket. If you wish to stay true to its original style, you’ll want stick to earthy tone colors, but with a modern style by including a zip-out bib for additional warmth.

Different styles of tweed

With this fabric becoming more popular you can find tweed in other color options besides brown. For example, this gray-blue slim fit blazer from Nordstrom is a modern twist on classic fabric, but it will also help upgrade your look!

Blue Gray Tweed Jacket

Source: Nordstrom

Suit up

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Wearing a tweed suit takes a certain amount of confidence and skill. If this is not done correctly, you could end up looking like you are wearing a uniform. Break up the unison of the pieces by including a pop of color with a tie or button down shirt. Make sure to select a color that stands out, but also blends nicely without clashing with the suit. A black tweed sports coat can easily be matched with a pair of black tweed pants. If you love this fabric, having color options will allow you to recreate different suit options using tweed.

Tweed outerwear

A winter jacket in tweed really offers a refined appearance. Get one in its traditional brown color to style it for just about any occasion including heading to the office or a night out on the town. For a casual look, this down jacket allows you incorporate tweed in a more laid back fashion. If you are a fan of layers, you will want to consider a tweed vest in a neutral color for a sleek look that can be paired with just about anything from a sweatshirt to a leather jacket.

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