How Wearing a Nice Watch Enhances Your Style

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A watch can add a little something extra |

Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, watches have all but disappeared off the wrists of anyone under the age of 50. The smartwatch is working to combat that, but if you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, even those aren’t all that popular. Sometimes you’ll see a guy wearing an inexpensive digital watch, but for the most part, men’s wrists are bare.

While I understand that wearing a watch is no longer necessary, it really is a shame that so few guys are choosing to wear them anyway. Considering how few items of jewelry are socially acceptable for professional men to wear, choosing to invest in a nice watch is a great way to give what you’re wearing an extra dose of style.

For one thing, a watch is a great way for young guys to look a little bit more professional in the workplace. It’s certainly not necessary, but as with a lot of things in life, that extra bit of effort can go a long way. You’ll also be more likely to stand out once you realize you no longer have to constantly pull out your cell phone to keep track of the time. As bad a reputation as millennials have for always being on their phones, being the guy who can casually check his wrist for the time is going to make you appear more confident and less nervous, which is always a good thing.

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Always go with analog |

I can also say there’s something enjoyable about using a device that’s designed to do one specific job and do it well. Cell phones are great, but because they’re able to do so many things, it’s easy to get distracted while using them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked my cellphone for the time, responded to a text message instead, and had to pull my cell phone out again once I realized I’d forgotten to check the time. Any time I check my watch, though, the only information available is the exact information I’m looking for.

As long as you choose an analog watch instead of a digital one, it will also never look outdated. In a few years, your Apple Watch will be hilariously out of date, and you’ll have replaced your iPhone twice, but a nice watch is something you’ll be able to keep and use for years to come. If you get an automatic, you won’t even have to replace a battery.

Wearing a watch also allows you to express yourself in more ways than you might think. There are watches in all shapes and sizes with a nearly unlimited number of strap options to complete the look you’re going for. Some looks are more classic than others, but hey, if you really want to wear some humongous monstrosity, at least you’re expressing yourself.

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A dressier outfit calls for a dressier watch |

Finally, owning multiple watches allows you to choose the right one for every situation. As I’ve said several times, getting the details right goes a long way toward making you look your best. With watches, that means making sure the one you’re wearing goes with the rest of your clothes. A novelty watch with a cartoon character on the face might be fun to wear to Disney Land, but it probably isn’t appropriate at a black tie dinner.

If you like getting compliments on what you wear, you also shouldn’t underestimate the value of bucking all the trends and buying a vintage watch. A new Bulova might not earn you much respect, but one from the 1960s will probably start conversations on a regular basis. You also don’t need to break the bank to get a unique watch — you can buy a large number of vintage watches for less than $300.

No, wearing a watch isn’t necessary, but give it a shot, and I think you’ll find out you actually really enjoy it. Plus, it will be one more step toward becoming the stylish man you want to be.