5 Innovative Brands That Offer Custom-Made Clothing for Men

Are you that kind of guy who knows exactly what he likes but can’t seem to find it? Do you find yourself constantly tweaking or tailoring your wardrobe? Have you ever found yourself at a store looking for a new jacket or pants and wanting to combine different elements of various pieces? Or maybe you are the kind of man who gets incredibly frustrated shopping because nothing fits properly? If any of these descriptions sound you like you, it’s time to consider going custom. Getting custom-made clothing and shoes is now easier and less expensive than you think. Here are five bespoke brands that have innovated the process so you can get exactly what you want in an easy and relatively affordable way.

1. Suitable

a man wearing a suit

A stylish man wearing custom-made clothing | Source: iStock

Suitable is a custom menswear brand. Its designs are great, but its prices are even better. You can get a custom-made suit for even less than you would pay for one off the rack. In addition to suits, the brand also offers blazers, shirts, pants, and even tuxedos. Simplifying the process, all you need to do is check out and then submit your measurements. Never measured yourself before? Suitable has a video with instructions. It also offers virtual fitting sessions. If you are in New York, you can also schedule a fitting at its showroom. But the brand also knows that not everything is perfect, so if you receive your garment and it doesn’t fit quite right for any reason, Suitable will give an alternations credit (the amount depends on what you buy), so you can take it to your local tailor.

2. Trumaker

Trumaker offers custom shirts and blazers, as well as a ready-to-wear line including casual and dress shirts, T-shirts, ties, sweaters, and belts. It also has a fitting process like no other brand does. The company sends a stylist out to your location who will not simply measure you, but also address any needs or answer questions you might have. If you don’t live in Trumaker’s service area, that’s OK; virtual fitting sessions are available. You can also visit one of its showrooms in San Francisco or Chicago.

3. Converse


Converse sneakers | Source: Converse

You might not need or want custom clothes, but every man can use a pair of custom kicks. If you’re a fan of Converse but always thought you could do better, now is your chance. Converse allows you to customize 11 aspects of the shoe including the color of the fabric, tongue, stitching, laces, and rubber. You can even have the shoe brand put your name (or anything else would like) on it.

4. Alton Lane

Alton Lane doesn’t simply offer a bespoke fit but also control over the details. The brand makes custom shirts, suits, blazers, pants, tuxedos, overcoats, and accessories. Every item has its own options. For example, you can choose nearly every aspect of the shirts including placket, collar, cuff, pocket, and pleats. You can even add a complimentary accent fabric to the underside of the cuff or collar. Monogramming is also available. The fitting process takes place in one of the company’s seven showrooms throughout the country. If you are the kind of man who knows exactly what he wants and is super picky, make your way to Alton Lane.

5. Mantorii

Shoes are just way too specific to buy for someone else | Source: iStock

You can get shoes made just for you | Source: iStock

Do you have a difficult-to-find shoe size or feet that are two different sizes? Then Mantorii might be the answer to your problem. While there isn’t an abundance of customization options, you can choose from six different toe types and if you want black or brown leather. The brand can also add rubber and your initials to the sole of the shoes.

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