6 Insulting Things Android Fans Think About iPhone Users

Two women sitting in a bar and staring at mobile phones

Android users have a lot to say about iOS users | iStock.com/oneinchpunch

iOS vs. Android is a perennial battle — one that will be fought to the death and argued to the ends of irrationality on certain corners of the internet. iPhone fans believe certain insulting things about Android users. And Android fans have very specific and unflattering ideas about iPhone users. Strangely enough, users of each operating system seem to have strong opinions about people who choose to use the other platform.

Whichever side of the operating system divide you’ve chosen, you’ve probably observed a comments section or a forum thread devolve into a test of name-calling skills between devoted fans of Android and iOS. Such exchanges are pretty annoying when they derail more substantive discussions. But they can be entertaining if you’re just there to observe how ridiculous people are willing to sound on the internet.

We’ve collected some less-than-flattering things that Android fans think (and say) about iPhone users. Most of them are based on erroneous assumptions about the differences between Android and iOS. And others stem from some common misconceptions about Android. Others are even rooted in myths about iOS. Read on and you’ll be well-prepared to observe the warfare on your local Android or Apple blog.

1. People who buy iPhones aren’t thinking logically

Woman holding an iPhone 6S in a cafe

Many Android users think iPhone users chose an illogical phone choice | iStock.com/Prykhodov

Plenty of Android fans think if everybody were to choose a phone and platform logically, they would all end up choosing Android smartphones. So some Android users think one of the only reasons why someone would purchase an iPhone is because it appeals to them as a status symbol (hence Android devotees referring to iPhone users as “sheep”). At least a high-end smartphone is a pretty practical alternative to a designer handbag or an expensive watch.

2. iPhone users are less intelligent than Android users

Female hands holding new iPhone 6s

Android users may even think iPhone users are less intelligent | iStock.com/RossHelen

One of the more insulting assumptions that Android users make about iPhone fans is people who opt for the iPhone are less intelligent, or at least less experienced with technology, than those who choose Android phones. The assumption likely stems from the myth that iOS is easier to learn or simpler to use than Android. (In reality, adjusting to a new operating system, whichever one you choose, involves a definite learning curve. And tech industry insiders use both Android phones and iPhones.)

3. People who buy iPhones are just brainwashed by Apple’s marketing

Woman holding an iPhone in her hands

Android users think iPhone users are caught up in Apple’s marketing | iStock.com/Prykhodov

Android users often assume people buy iPhones simply because of Apple’s slick marketing or impressive commercials. But think about it for a second. When is the last time you bought something simply because you saw it advertised on TV? People may think about purchasing a new device after they see it advertised, but few rely solely on ads to tell them what to buy. The idea that iPhone users are brainwashed by Apple’s marketing is often repeated, and some Android fans think the only reason why someone would think an iPhone is better than an Android phone is because Apple’s marketing campaigns have convinced them that’s so. 

4. iPhone users are incapable of making decisions for themselves

A customer takes a selfie with a new Iphone 7 exhibited at Puerta del Sol Apple Store

Android users often think iPhone users can’t make their own decisions | Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Android users who like the customizability of Android often enjoy tinkering with settings and making decisions about how they want their phones to operate. Some of them assume iPhone users, who don’t get those same capabilities unless they jailbreak their phones, aren’t interested in customizing their phones. Carry that logic a step further, and you have Android fans claiming iPhone users are people who can’t make decisions for themselves about how they want their phones to operate. And other Android devotees think that people buy iPhones simply because they wouldn’t be able to make a choice among the dizzying array of options for Android phones. 

5. People just buy iPhones because of Steve Jobs

An Apple employee prepares Apple iPhone 7 phones

Android fans think iPhone fans buy Apple products because of Steve Jobs | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Some Android fans point to Steve Jobs’ reputation as the reason why people still buy iPhones. Everyone knows who Steve Jobs is, but not everybody can name Google’s founders. To Android fans, it seems like some people buy iPhones just because Steve Jobs was such a celebrity. A similar line of logic? That people stick with iPhones, even today, because Apple happened to launch a phone with an app ecosystem before Google.

6. iPhone users are wrong

iPhones in boxes

Some Android users think iPhone users are just plain wrong | George Frey/Getty Images

The biggest assumption that Android fans make about iPhone users is that they made the wrong choice when they bought their phone — even though choosing an operating system and a smartphone are subjective choices. Some people want something that will simply work out of the box with minimal customization, while others want an open platform that they can easily tinker with. There’s no right or wrong answer, and there are compelling reasons to choose both operating systems. That means that nobody is right or wrong — though the Android vs. iOS debate will certainly rage on as if there really can be a winner.