6 Insulting Things iPhone Fans Think About Android Users

Friends texting on their smartphones

Some iPhone fans look down upon Android users | iStock.com/AntonioGuillem

iOS vs. Android is a perennial battle — one that will be fought to the death and argued to the ends of irrationality on certain corners of the internet. iPhone fans make some pretty unflattering assumptions about Android users. (Just as Android fans have very specific, and often pretty insulting, ideas about iPhone users.) Strangely enough, users of each operating system seem to have strong opinions about people who choose to use the competing platform.

Whichever side of the operating system divide you’ve chosen, you’ve probably observed a comments section or a forum thread devolve into a test of name-calling skills between devoted fans of Android and iOS. Such exchanges are pretty annoying when they derail more substantive discussions. But they can be entertaining if you’re just there to observe how ridiculous people are willing to sound on the internet and how creative they can get when trying to understand the rationale behind decisions that they don’t agree with.

We’ve collected some common things that iPhone fans think about Android users. Most of them are based on erroneous assumptions about the differences between Android and iOS. And others stem from some common misconceptions about Android. Others are even rooted in myths about iOS. Read on and you’ll be well-prepared to observe the warfare on your local Android or Apple blog.

1. Android fans don’t care about security

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iPhone fans believe Android users don’t value their security | iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

Many iPhone users value Apple’s regular iOS updates and feel reassured by Cupertino’s ability to patch security vulnerabilities as they’re discovered. So naturally, they conclude that Android users don’t really care about security or aren’t informed about the risks of malware. In many cases, neither are true. And plenty of people who purchase high-end Android phones enjoy several major Android releases and a number of smaller security updates.

2. People who choose Android phones want more complicated software

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iPhone users believe Android users just want to complicate things | iStock.com/imtmphoto

Android users erroneously assume people choose iPhones because they have simpler, more basic software than Android phones. And conversely, iPhone users assume people choose Android phones because they have more complicated software. It’s true that Android allows users to control functions that aren’t so easy to access on an iPhone. But learning a new OS, whichever one you pick, is a process. iOS isn’t necessarily easier to learn or simpler to use than Android. Just as Android isn’t necessarily more complicated or more cluttered than iOS. 

3. Android users don’t care about quality

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iPhone users assume Android users aren’t too picky with the quality of their phone | iStock.com/ Kikovic

iPhone users look at the unfamiliar Android interface or the wide assortment of Android phones (at varying price points) and assume they don’t offer the polished experience that you get with an iPhone. But what they fail to realize is there are plenty of powerful Android phones that perfectly integrate hardware and software. Sure, a $50 Android phone won’t match the quality of an iPhone. But in what world could you expect it to?

4. People who choose an Android phone just can’t afford an iPhone

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iPhone users believe Android users go for the bargain phones | iStock.com/ViewApart

A myth perpetuated in pro-Apple circles holds that many Android users don’t have iPhones simply because they can’t afford them. It may be true most smartphone users in developing countries wouldn’t be able to afford the astronomical price tag on an iPhone. But people spending big bucks on top-of-the-line Android flagships can certainly afford iPhones. They’ve just decided that for them, Android is a better option. 

5. Android users don’t mind constant troubleshooting

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iPhone fans think Android phones require a lot of maintenance | iStock.com/AntonioGuillem

iPhone fans see the customizability of Android and assume Android phones take a lot of work to set up — and to maintain. They also misinterpret headlines about bugs and issues and assume there’s always going to be something wrong with an Android phone. In the majority of situations, that’s just not true. (Just as it’s not true there are no bugs or flaws or security issues with the iPhone.)

6. Android users are wrong

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iPhone fans think Android fans are just plain wrong | iStock.com/max-kegfire

One of the most widespread assumptions iPhone users make about Android users is they’ve chosen the wrong phone. But there’s no right or wrong answer when you’re choosing an operating system and a smartphone. Some people place a priority on getting a phone that feels elegant and ready-to-use out of the box. Others want a phone that’s practically begging to be customized. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. And if you were to objectively compare Android and iOS, you’d find compelling reasons to choose either one. Nobody is right or wrong. But that won’t stop the Android vs. iOS debate from continuing in perpetuity as if the side that argues enthusiastically enough will finally emerge the winner.