The New iPhone 8 Is Doomed to Backfire Horribly for Apple

They have tried to offer high-end products before

Two Apple ear-pods up on a screen, while Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller presents

Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller announces AirPods during a launch event. | Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Remember the Airpods that Apple created when they got rid of the headphone jack on the latest iPhone? Odds are, you haven’t exactly seen them spreading like wildfire (at least not like the white cord that seemed to be flopping around everyone’s neck a few years ago). The reason most cited by consumers for not buying into Apple’s AirPods is that they were too expensive, at a hefty $159 price point. Between that, and concerns about the lack of a cord, it’s been a tough sell ever since its launch.

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