4 Men’s Wardrobe Staples You Should Never Buy Cheap

Sometimes, it pays to buy cheap. Other times, it does not. While we all have trendy or fast fashion items in our closets, or we’ve found a $500 cashmere sweater on sale for $50, a bargain is not always a bargain. Here are four wardrobe staples that are worth spending money on. If you have to wear something every day or several times per week, it’s always worth it to open your wallet. You will be happy you did in the long run.

1. Eyeglasses

man wearing glasses smiling

Glasses take a little bit of investing | iStock.com

If you have prescription glasses, they need to be able to withstand everyday use. It’s important to have a quality pair because you don’t want your glasses to break or fall apart because then you absolutely have to replace them. If you buy cheap, you’ll have broken specs in no time.

Eyeglasses can cost up to thousands of dollars, but there is a fine line between cheap and affordable. Warby Parker sells quality and stylish specs starting at $95 with frames and lenses included. It will put an anti-scratch coating on the lenses free of charge and guarantee your glasses for a year. If you want luxury high-end glasses, check out Oliver Peoples. Many of its glasses are handcrafted from custom layers of acetate and feature multi-barreled hinges and have hand-laid pins.

2. Sunglasses

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It’s worth in to buy quality shades | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Even if you have 20/20 vision, you still need to protect your eyes. If you have been buying cheap sunglasses (you know, one of those pairs you buy off the street for $5), you probably have not been protecting your eyes properly. Wearing sunglasses without 100% UVA and UVB protection isn’t just unfashionable, it can also be downright dangerous, increasing your risk for cataracts, macular degeneration, and even certain types of eye cancer.

Ray-Ban is known for its incredibly high quality lenses, which come in so many different styles. Whether you choose a classic wayfarer or aviators, it is impossible to go wrong with Ray-Ban.

3. Outerwear

You only need one coat, so don't be stingy | iStock.com

You only need one coat, so don’t be stingy | iStock.com

Especially if you live in a cold climate, you have to be crazy to buy cheap outerwear. If you do not want to freeze, all you need to do is open your wallet (and also close your coat). Quality outerwear is always worth the investment because you can often get years out of it. Having to buy a new coat year after year may actually end up being more expensive in the long run. Cheap coats might look OK, but they will not keep you warm.

4. Suits

man wearing a suit

A good suit will be a little pricey | iStock.com

There are very few things as bad as a suit bought for $99 at a store with tons of paper signs in the window — or worse, a “going out of business sale.” Suits can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. While everyone has their own budget, it is best to buy the highest quality suit you can afford.

Tom Ford makes some of the most stylish and priciest suits for men. This Black Slim-Fit Peak Lapel Wool Suit is absolutely stunning. Made of the finest fabric, it certainly has a wow factor. It’s also versatile because you can wear it with or without the vest.

If you prefer a more classic look, Brooks Brothers’ Madison Fit Stripe 1818 Suit is a wonderful choice. The navy blue pinstripes will keep you looking sharp year after year.