Finding Jeans That Fit: The Most Important Things to Look For

Jeans are among the most important items in your closet. Most men wear them several times per week, if not nearly every day. Denim coordinates with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. But no matter what you wear on top, from a T-shirt to a blazer, nothing looks good if your jeans don’t. Here are some guidelines to finding the right pair.

Where to wear them

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Know where, and when, to wear jeans. |

One of the biggest problems men have with denim is that they are too large in the seat or the seat is way too low. The reason for this is men don’t wear the proper size or don’t wear their pants in the right place. Pants should fit comfortably around the waistline, not tightly. You should be able to fit two fingers between your waist and the jeans. Do not wear your pants above or below your stomach because they aren’t designed to be worn that way. Wearing your jeans in the wrong place throws your entire ensemble off kilter.


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Choose the cut that’s right for you. | Pixabay

Wearing the right cut is very important. This is a personal preference but really has more to do with what looks best on your body. There are several ways jeans are generally cut, but most men have one type they stick with.

One cut 99% of men should avoid is the ultra-skinny jean. This cut just isn’t flattering. If you like a sleek look, slim-fit jeans are a much better choice. Most men go for a straight-leg cut. This is closer in the thighs, but looser in the knees and calves. If that still doesn’t have enough movability for you, classic fit jeans may be up your alley.

Relaxed fit is the most generous cut. But just because it’s a relaxed fit doesn’t mean it shouldn’t fit. This style tends to look sloppy or just fall off the body, so be mindful about buying the right size.


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Don’t wear your denim too long. |

Men tend to wear their denim too long, and the bottoms end up dragging, causing the cuffs to fray. The easy solution to this problem is to have your jeans hemmed as soon as you buy them. Stores like J.Crew and Banana Republic even have on-site tailors at some locations that do this for you free of charge. If you really don’t want to have your pants tailored, you are in luck this season because rolling up your jeans is very much in style. Just don’t roll them up too high.


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Pay attention to the details on your jeans. | Pixabay

Details on your jeans are very important. For example, if your pants are busy around the butt and have lots of logos, stitching, etc., it will most certainly draw attention to that area, which is something you may or may not want to do.

Another detail to consider is the fly. Try to avoid a button fly. They’re annoying, and a zipper fly always lays better. Stitching is also a consideration. A classic golden yellow stitching creates defined lines, but a blue “invisible” stitching will draw less attention to your legs and hips.


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Low-rise isn’t always best. |

There has been a trend toward low-rise pants for men, but truthfully low-rise is better left to the ladies. A mid-rise pair is universally flattering and probably your best bet.

Shopping for jeans

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Know where to get the perfect pair. |

Take the time to find the pair that fits you best. If this sounds too difficult to do on your own, find a helpful sales associate or make an appointment with a personal shopper at a store like Bonobos or a Trunk Club Clubhouse. If you really can’t find jeans that fit you properly, consider going custom using a service like Make Your Own Jeans.