Jeans Uncomfortable? 7 Alternatives That Look and Feel Better

Not everyone thinks that jeans are comfortable. Even if you’ve read all the advice about finding your perfect pair of jeans, you may not think they look or feel good. And even learning essentials tips for choosing denim that won’t transform you into a puddle of sweat and regret during the hottest months of the year may not be enough to turn a pair of jeans into your go-to pants. And that’s okay.

In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to jeans, whether you just don’t like the way denim looks or are searching for something more comfortable when it’s warm outside. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite denim alternatives, plus an example of each style to start you out in the right direction. Whether you hate jeans or are just looking for something that’ll look and feel more appropriate for a hot summer, the seven options ahead have you covered.

1. Chinos

Brooks Brothers chinos, jean alternative

A pair of chinos is an easy place to start if you’re just beginning to look for alternatives to jeans | Source:

Chinos are lightweight, so they’re more comfortable than jeans in hot and humid weather. And just like jeans, they’re made in a huge variety of cuts. From a slim cut to a cropped style to a boyfriend fit, you can find chinos in any style that’s comfortable and flattering for you. You can branch out when it comes to the color, too. There are plenty of tan chinos, but if khaki isn’t your color, why not try navy blue, white, or green? A great place to start your search for the right pair of chinos is Brooks Brothers, which stocks these flattering chinos made of a twill cotton blend, with a cropped inseam and a comfortable but flattering tab closure.

2. Linen pants

Ralph Lauren straight-fit linen pants

Linen pants are a summer standby — one that you won’t want to live without once you realize how comfortable they are | Source:

Linen is a classic summer fabric. But many women haven’t given it a try, since it’s more commonly used in men’s shirting than in women’s clothes. Give it a try this summer with a lightweight pair of linen pants, which will feel lightweight and breezy even in the middle of a hot summer. Ralph Lauren’s straight-fit linen pant, for instance, looks crisp and chic in white, but feels lighter and breezier than a pair of jeans even in the same cut.

3. Patterned trousers

Banana Republic striped cropped trousers

Patterned trousers look polished, but are super comfortable during the hottest months of the year | Source:

Another warm-weather style you have to try is a patterned pair of trousers. Most commonly offered in a slim, cropped silhouette, these pants are the perfect way to look polished even when the temperature climbs far above the range that most people would consider reasonable. These pair easily with anything from a button-front shirt to a cotton tee, and are one of your best bets for looking tailored and classic even in the middle of summer. There are floral prints, geometric prints, and a practically endless array of other patterns to try. But if you want to start simple, try on a pair like Banana Republic’s striped cropped trousers.

4. Wide-leg pants

Vince wide-leg trousers

Wide leg pants are easy to dress up or down, and with a pair of heels, can make anyone look taller | Source:

If loose and drapey are your favorite adjectives for your summer clothes, then you’re going to love a pair of wide-leg pants. They’re typically soft and swishy, and while they look dramatic paired with something as simple as a tee, they’re also airy and comfortable for hot weather. And if you pair them with heels, they’ll make your legs look even longer than they actually are — a major plus if you want to walk down Broadway or the boardwalk looking particularly model-esque. Vince’s wide-leg pleated trousers are a great example of the style, and will look equally polished for weekend errands or important meetings at the office. These also transition perfectly for the beginning of fall.

5. Draped pants

Eileen Fisher pleated trousers

Draped pants are a comfortable and versatile style that you’ll want to wear everyday this summer | Source:

From harem pants to silk trousers, there are plenty of styles of pants that combine swishy fabrics with a slimmer silhouette than what you’d get with a wide-leg pant. Look for draping details at the waistband, and opt for either a solid color or a subtle pattern to maximize the number of outfits you’ll be able to pull together with them. After all, these are likely to be the most comfortable pair of pants in your wardrobe. A great style to try is a slouchy pair with a pleated waistband, like this Eileen Fisher pair.

6. Drawstring pants

Caslon drawstring pants

Drawstrings aren’t just for your pajama pants. A great pair of drawstring pants can be a relaxed staple that you dress up or down | Source:

If you think that drawstrings are only OK on pajama pants, or other pants that you wouldn’t wear to leave the house, guess again. A sleek pair of drawstring pants is not only comfortable on a hot day, but also looks chic and polished with a pair of heels. Caslon’s drawstring pants are a great example. They’re cut in a breezy, relaxed fit that would look right at home at the beach, but can easily be dressed up for dinner and drinks with a pair of wedges.

7. Jumpsuits

Sanctuary jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is the ultimate in one-piece summer dressing, and is perfect if you aren’t a big fan of sundresses | Source:

Even if you’ve never worn a jumpsuit before, now is a great time to give one a try. Particularly if you choose one with a relaxed fit, a jumpsuit is a comfortable (and complete) outfit for even the hottest days. Jumpsuits are also very easy to dress up or down with a change of shoes and accessories, and they can be great pieces to wear to the beach if you just aren’t into sundresses. This diamond-print jumpsuit from Sanctuary is a great example of a flattering jumpsuit that’ll make you want to leave your jeans behind for good.

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