14 Jumpsuits That Flatter Any Figure

A jumpsuit can be one of the easiest outfits in your wardrobe. It’s simple to dress up for the office, accessorize for a night out, or make casual for brunch with friends. It’s also a great alternative to jeans. But finding the right jumpsuit isn’t so easy. What kind of sleeves and what sort of neckline do you want? Where do you want the waistline to fall? And how do you choose a style that’s flatteringfor your figure? The first thing you need to do is figure out what kind of jumpsuit you’re looking for — without listening to what fashion magazines or catty blogs say about who can wear what.

Do you want a sleeveless jumpsuit? Are you aiming for spaghetti straps or a more sophisticated tank cut?  Similarly, is a v-neck, crewneck, scoop neck, deep plunge, or high neck your ideal situation? Do you want the waistline low or high? Do you want your jumpsuit to feature full trouser legs, a more form-fitting pant leg, or even shorts?

That sounds like a lot of questions to consider. But chances are good that if you think about it, you already have a pretty good idea of what kind of jumpsuit you’re looking for. Read on to check out our favorite jumpsuits for summer, and to get a little more advice about which style will work best for you.

1. The high neck jumpsuit

Paige Denim jumpsuit

The high neck jumpsuit | Source: Saksfifthavenue.com

A high-neck is a great throwback to the 1970s and will help make a shorter torso look longer. This Paige Denim jumpsuit capitalizes on the retro appeal of the cut and features not only a square, high neck, but criss-cross straps and a very retro flare leg.

2. The short sleeve jumpsuit

Loyal Hana jumpsuit

The short-sleeve jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

Everybody looks great in a structured jumpsuit, and a short-sleeved style is no exception. This Loyal Hana jumpsuit, which happens to be one of the most flattering styles we’ve seen for moms to be, combines short sleeves with a notched collar and a surplice neckline for a cut that’s gorgeous before and after the baby arrives.

3. The crewneck jumpsuit

Michael Kors jumpsuit

The crewneck jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

A crewneck is flattering on any body type, and looking for one is an especially easy way to make sure that your jumpsuit is appropriate for the office. This Michael Kors jumpsuit offers a subtle print and sleek tuxedo stripes, which both make this style easy to dress up or dress down.

4. The plunge or v-neck jumpsuit

ASTR jumpsuit

The plunge or v-neck jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

A plunge neckline is perfect for showing some skin or drawing attention to a favorite piece of jewelry. This ASTR jumpsuit has a v-neck that’s just wide enough to be dramatic but still restrained enough to look unquestionably elegant. We also love the swishy wide legs, and the interesting tie detail on the back.

5. The off-the-shoulder jumpsuit

Ohne Titel jumpsuit

The off-the-shoulder jumpsuit | Source: Saksfifthavenue.com

An off-the-shoulder jumpsuit is the perfect style to show off your shoulders or collarbone. This Ohne Titel jumpsuit is a good illustration that the trend doesn’t need to read like you’re on a tropical vacation (though if that’s the look you’re going for, we’d opt for a bright color rather than this sleek black).

6. The strapless jumpsuit

Adelyn Rae jumpsuit

The strapless jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

A strapless sweetheart neckline offers structure and a vintage vibe that’s flattering on small and curvy figures alike. This Adelyn Rae jumpsuit is a great illustration of a tailored style that you can wear with a blazer or sweater to the office, and then accessorize for a date night or drinks with friends.

7. The low-waisted jumpsuit

Stateside jumpsuit

The low-waisted jumpsuit | Source: Saksfifthavenue.com

A low waistline is perfect if you have a long torso, or want to make yours look longer than it really is. This Stateside jumpsuit is an easy take on the silhouette, with spaghetti straps, a scoop neck, and a drawstring waist. It’s also got slash pockets — a major plus, in our book.

8. The tie-waist jumpsuit

Alice and Olivia jumpsuit

The tie-waist jumpsuit | Source: Saksfifthavenue.com

A high waistline is flattering on a short torso, as well as on overall smaller frames, and a tie-waist is perfect for defining your waistline. Get the benefits of both with this Alice and Olivia jumpsuit, which features a bustier bodice, gaucho-style pants, and a statement-making tie waist.

9. The pleated jumpsuit

Michael Michael Kors jumpsuit

The pleated jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

When you’re shopping for jumpsuits, you may find that a lot of them fall into one of two camps: either loose and baggy, or trim and tailored. With a pleated waistline, you get to try out the territory in between. The result is wildly flattering, whether you want to balance or define your figure. This Michael Kors jumpsuit offers a faux wrap detail and a tapered leg, which just adds to the list of ways it will flatter your figure.

10. The layered jumpsuit

Ali & Jay jumpsuit

The layered jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

A layered or tiered silhouette can help to balance a figure that’s larger on the bottom than on the top by adding some volume. This Ali & Jay jumpsuit, for instance, looks like two pieces, which can be more flattering than a jumpsuit that’s cut in a straight line from shoulder to ankle.

11. The tapered jumpsuit

Eileen Fisher jumpsuit

The tapered jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

A drapey, but tailored and tapered silhouette can flatter a small figure that might be overwhelmed by a baggier cut. This Eileen Fisher jumpsuit offers a classic bateau neckline and a tapered leg, which translates to simple lines and a jumpsuit that’s as flattering as it is comfortable.

12. The drawstring waist jumpsuit

BB Dakota jumpsuit

The drawstring waist jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

A drawstring waist emphasizes your curves, which is perfect for a piece you’ll be wearing in the middle of the summer. This BB Dakota jumpsuit is the perfect casual style, with a drawstring waist, crossed straps, and elastic cuffs. This flattering cut will look great everywhere from the beach to the barbecue, and you can even add heels to dress it up.

13. The wide leg jumpsuit

Vince Camuto jumpsuit

The wide leg jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

A wide leg is flattering on almost every figure, as is a faux wrap neckline. So why not get the best of both worlds with this Vince Camuto jumpsuit. The chic silhouette is simultaneously modern and vintage-inspired. And since it’s available in both black and navy, you’ll be able to pick which neutral is a better fit with the rest of your wardrobe.

14. The shorts jumpsuit

DKNY jumpsuit

The shorts jumpsuit | Source: Nordstrom.com

Opting for shorts instead of long pants is a great way to make a jumpsuit comfortable even in the most hot and humid of climates. This DKNY jumpsuit offers a sleek, layered look that’s effortlessly modern and flattering, thanks especially to smart details like the button back and the tailored cut of the shorts.

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