I Tried Kate Hudson’s Go-To Skin Cream and the Results Were Unbelievable

It’s not every day I come across a beauty product that is as magical as everyone (and its packaging) claims it to be. That’s why it took me so long to try Kate Hudson’s go-to, Egyptian Magic All Natural Healing Skin Cream. That said, after I spotted a jar of it on sale at Marshall’s (thank you, shopping gods!), I took it as a sign to find out once and for all if it’s worth the hype. And boy, am I glad I did.

Find out more about the all-natural beauty product, why Kate Hudson and other celebrities swear by it, and the unbelievable results I experienced after trying it just once, ahead.

The Product: Egyptian Magic All Natural Healing Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic Cream

For once, a product as magical as it claims. | Egyptian Magic

Price: $26-39

Egyptian Magic All Natural Healing Skin Cream is unlike any beauty product I’ve tried before. (And, believe me, I’ve tried a lot). A cross between a cream and a skin salve, the formula itself has a waxy, salve-like texture. The cream melts into a soft oil when you rub it in your hands. Upon application, the oily concoction soaks into the skin, relieving it of dryness, itchiness, and a variety of other ailments.

Egyptian Magic is formulated with 100% pure natural ingredients, including olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. The cream is made using a unique process based on an ancient formula created in the land of the Pharaohs thousands of years ago.

While you can find numerous different uses for the skin cream, it’s most useful as a skin moisturizer, to heal burns, to treat cuts and scrapes, to fade scars, to alleviate some of the repercussions of eczema and psoriasis, and as a hair mask.

Find out why Kate Hudson can’t live without it, ahead.

Why Kate Hudson can’t live without it

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson can’t stop talking about it. | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Kate Hudson has raved about Egyptian Magic on a few different occasions. She first told Glamour Magazine in July 2012, “I discovered Egyptian Magic about 14 years ago. My hair is straight in some places, curly in others. And a friend of mine was like, ‘you’ve got to get this stuff.’ I put it on my hair, my face, my body, my kids.”

Two years later in May 2014, she told People Style Watch, “I try to spend time doing my hair, but a lot of times it just goes up in a bun! I add some Egyptian Magic to give it sheen and texture, set it with hair spray and I’m good to go.”

Find out what happened when I gave Kate Hudson’s go-to beauty product a try, ahead.

My skin cleared up and my blemishes disappeared

Young woman popping pimple on her cheeck

Say goodbye to pimples. | DragonImages/Getty Images

One of the first — and most shocking — things I noticed after using Egyptian Magic All Natural Healing Skin Cream was how clear my complexion looked.

Before trying the product, I guiltily picked at my face. My chin and forehead were covered in red marks, and my skin felt raw. With nothing to lose, I picked up the small container of skin salve and applied it to my complexion. When I woke up in the morning, all of the redness and markings had completely vanished.

In addition to all of the redness vanishing, most of my blemishes disappeared overnight, too. As for the ones that were left behind? They had begun to heal and scab faster than usual. Within days of first applying the magic healing cream, they were completely gone.

My skin stayed hydrated throughout the day

woman looking at mirror

Dry skin is replenished. | shironosov/iStock/Getty Images

I live in dry — read: very dry — Southern California weather. And no matter how many oils or cream I apply to my complexion, it always feels dry by the end of the day. That said, after trying the Egyptian Magic All Natural Healing Skin Cream, my complexion looked and felt ultra hydrated.

The best part? The hydration lasted. I was left with healthy-looking skin from the time I applied the cream to the time I rinsed my face before bed (and reapplied the cream, of course).

My inner glow was restored

Glowing skin

Hydrated skin simply glows. | Romariolen/iStock/Getty Images

It’s no wonder Kate Hudson and other celebrities swear by Egyptian Magic All Natural Healing Cream. After just one application, I noticed some major changes in my skin’s inner glow.

As I mentioned, the skin cream has long-lasting hydration effects, which can help with both the texture of the skin and its moisture levels. With that said, the natural ingredients — olive oil, beeswax, honey, and more — not only revived my complexion’s moisture levels. They helped create a natural-looking glow, too.

Need another reason to try Egyptian Magic? See what other celebrities have to say about the Healing Skin Cream, ahead.

Other celebrities who swear by Egyptian Magic All Natural Healing Skin Cream

Rashida Jones is also a fan. | ADRIAN SANCHEZ-GONZALEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Kate Hudson isn’t the only celebrity who believes in the magic of this All Natural Healing Skin Cream. Other celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Dree Hemingway, Behati Prinsloo, and other A-list stars have become big fans, too. See what they had to say about the cult-favorite beauty product, ahead.

Lauren Conrad: In a blog post about how she fixes dry skin, Lauren Conrad shared her love of the skin cream with her readers. She stated, “This product is a serious miracle worker. I use it almost every single day. After cleansing my face at night, I slather it all over my face and neck. By the time I wake up in the morning, my skin is happily moisturized (no matter how dry it was the night before).”

Rashida Jones: In May 2013, Rashida Jones told People Magazine of Egyptian Magic, “it’s great for everything — as a lip balm and for stretch marks.”

Still more celebrities who love Egyptian Magic

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields loves Egyptian Magic. | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Brooke Shields: Brooke Shields also considers the cream a versatile essential. She explained of the salve, “There’s this product called Egyptian Magic — you can put it on cuts, you can put it on your hair, you can put it on your eyes.”

Dree Hemingway: In an interview with Popsugar, Dree Hemingway shared her deep love of the Healing Skin Cream. She stated, “I can’t live without Egyptian Magic. I literally just slather it on my face — it’s genius. I’ve actually been using it to repair my chapped hands after my bleaching incident.”

Behati Prinsloo: Behati Prinsloo has also become a fan. “I love Jurlique rosewater spray and Egyptian Magic. I put it on my legs and nothing sticks to them,” Prinsloo told E! Online in March 2014.