Kim Kardashian Reveals All the Products in Her $4,200 Skin Care Routine

While parts of Kim Kardashian’s skin care routine are simple, the sheer number of products in her routine is not. Her entire skin care routine involves 17 products and costs more than $4,000. Keep reading to get all the details on Kim Kardashian’s skin care.

She uses products from a celebrity dermatologist

Kim Kardashian and Dr Lancer

Oprah begged him to start selling his products. | LANCER Skincare via Facebook

Dr. Harold Lancer is known for his celebrity clientele, including Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Victoria Beckham. He only started selling his products outside of his office after Oprah begged, according to The Cut. So it comes as no surprise Kim’s skin care routine starts with Lancer’s products.

Next: Kim uses a trio of products from Lancer.

Kim starts by exfoliating

Lancer skincare

She uses four of his products. | LANCER Skincare via Facebook

Kim follows The Lancer Method, using products to polish, cleanse, and nourish, according to Guest of a Guest. She uses an exfoliator ($75), a foaming cleanser ($55), and an anti-aging moisturizer ($125). After this, she uses a contour product on her neck and chest ($185).

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Then, she uses serums

Barbara Sturm anti-aging serum

She has a plethora of products. | Neiman Marcus

Some people may end their skin care routine after three products — but not Kim Kardashian. She also uses products from Dr. Barbara Sturm. Kim uses Sun Drops ($145) for sun protection, hyaluronic serum ($300) to prevent wrinkles, and an anti-aging serum ($350) for good measure.

Next: Kim loves this famous French beauty brand.

Kim uses 1 of the most expensive moisturizers

Creme de la mer cream

She uses the most expensive skin care out there. | Neiman Marcus

Kim uses Genaissance de La Mer, a $630 serum filled with “life-generating energies of the sea,” according to the product’s description. She follows with Perfecting Treatment ($245) and La Mer’s most recognizable product, Crème de la Mer ($475). If that isn’t enough, she uses The Concentrate ($360) and The Renewal Oil ($245).

Can’t afford La Mer products? Use this dupe instead.

Next: Kim uses anti-aging products in practically every step of her skin care routine.

Anti-aging is the name of the game

Guerlain orchid imperial cream

She is focused on younger looking skin. | Neiman Marcus

At this point, Kim uses her most expensive skin care products. She uses Guerlain’s eye and lip cream ($200), its anti-aging cream ($455), and another anti-aging product ($331). Supposedly, the products increase cell regeneration to reveal younger-looking skin.

Read these tips on anti-aging products to make sure they’ll work for you.

Next: Spend less than $75 on an oil to hydrate the skin.

Kim uses this ‘life-changing’ oil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrating Oil

There are several excellent oils mixed in. | Nordstrom

Getting toward the end of Kim’s routine, she includes a more affordable product from Anastasia Beverly Hills. She uses the brand’s Hydrating Oil ($64), which contains jojoba oil, black currant, rosehip, and more.

“I use this morning and night and I absolutely love it,” one reviewer says. “It has changed my life.”

Next: You can use the same oil Kim Kardashian uses for stretch marks.

Kim loves a $15 body oil

Bio oil

The cheapest thing on the list by far. | Walmart

The most affordable product of Kim Kardashian’s skin care routine comes at the end. She uses Bio-Oil ($15). “I put it all over my body,” Kim writes on her website, according to Allure.

Bio-Oil is known for hydrating dry skin and lightening stretch marks and acne scars.

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