Like Ugly Sweaters? 5 More Funny Holiday Clothing Items

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The Ugly Sweater Party is a beloved tradition for millennials across the country – a sort of call to action for anyone with a sense of humor and, of course, a love for holiday parties. And for some, the annual festive gathering not only means silly sweaters and endless eggnog, but an excuse for a little friendly competition. Showing up in an unattractive shirt alone is no longer impressive. Who has the most outrageous sweater? Who’s got a custom-made hat? And what about holiday-themed dress socks?

Don’t have a party to attend? No sweat! National Ugly Sweater Day is December 18, so you won’t miss out on the chance to sport your best – and most hideous – holiday-themed duds. The sky’s the limit here, folks. Here are 5 items to keep your holiday spirit on point from head to toe.    

1. Leg Lamp Sweater from Festified


Source: Festified

Who could forget the timeless classic A Christmas Story? In all its treasured glory, the movie has stood the test of time and undoubtedly made famous the ever sought-after leg lamp. Whether you got your tongue stuck to a frozen pole or couldn’t get up after you fell in your suit of winter armor, nothing says nostalgia like A Christmas Story. With the incorporation of one of the movie’s staples, Festified delivers the ingenious Leg Lamp Sweater, so now you too can be the envy of every neighbor on the block.

2. Holiday Sweater Bow Tie by Beau Ties Ltd.

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Source: Beau Ties Ltd.

Add a touch of sophistication to your holiday garb with a timeless piece turned whimsically fun. The Holiday Sweater Bow Tie allows you to effortlessly sport reindeer, snowflakes, poinsettias, and evergreens all in one piece.

3. Fruit Cake Socks by Gumball Poodle


Source: Gumball Poodle

Gumball Poodle knows how to craft some seriously outrageous socks, some of which may resonate as socially faux pas, which makes them all the more fun! It’s managed to bring its witty sense of humor into the holiday-themed sock line, as well. You guessed it – the Fruit Cake socks are knee high socks with those exact words on them. Who could resist a hearty chuckle when you’re spotted in these?  

4. Holiday Specs


Sources: Holiday Specs

Holiday Specs are 3D plastic glasses that transform LED lights into seasonal figures of candy canes, snowflakes and more – it’s a Christmas miracle! Better than beer goggles and the most fun you’ll have with your drunk friends, this will be your best party trick yet.

5. Ski Suit by Tipsy Elves

ski suits

Source: Tipsy Elves

You might have heard of Tipsy Elves – the company, not you and your friends at the office party – if you’re a fan of Shark Tank. The holiday-themed clothing manufacturer managed to unexpectedly score an offer and make a deal with an investor. As you might imagine, the company achieved its original success pushing ugly Christmas sweaters, and now boasts a slew of ugly holiday attire. Similar to the revival of the ’80s inspired sweater trend, onesie ski outfits have also come back with a humorous vengeance. We wouldn’t recommend actually wearing one of these ski suits to a holiday party, but wearing one on the slopes is a great way to show up your friends. Who cares who the best skier is? It all comes down to how obnoxiously you’re dressed on those warm, sunny days when you do more beer-drinking on the mountain than actual skiing.

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