Have Long Hair? 7 Gorgeous Long Hair Styles You Have to Try

Any long-haired lovely knows all those tresses can be both a blessing and a burden. Sure, it’s nice to have lengthy locks, but when it comes to styling the strands, they can present a time-consuming challenge. After all, just blow drying them can be a marathon endeavor.

Still, there are a number of gorgeous long hair styles worth trying that are both beautiful and easy enough to add to your go-to list. Check out our lineup of ’dos to consider when you need an effortless yet statement-making look for your long locks.

1. Sleek and straight

calm emotionless model with long windy hair

Simple, straight hair can be gorgeous. | iStock.com/Julenochek

It’s the minimalist look of long hair — straight and simple with a meticulous middle part. And, the gorgeous, satiny look is rather easy to do. Evenly apply an oil serum or smoothing product and a heat protectant to damp hair, then blow dry straight with a round brush for a smooth finish. If your blow drying skills leave something to be desired, not to worry. A flat iron will quickly finish off the look. You can also lightly mist with a finishing spray for added shine.

2. Bombshell waves

brunette woman with long healthy hair

Wavy hair always looks good on long hair. | iStock.com/Persians

Also known as the classic blowout, this style is a gorgeous go-to for any gal with long hair. It’s both sweet and seductive, making it appropriate any time of day and any day of the week. With some practice, you won’t have to hit the blow dry bar each time you want to channel your inner Victoria’s Secret Angel. To get your bombshell on, simply apply a liberal amount of volumizing mousse to damp hair, then blow dry with a medium round brush. Once dry, divide hair into two-inch sections and spray with hair spray. Curl with a large curling iron away from the face. Loosely tousle the curls, then finish with another spritz of hair spray and shine serum.

3. Braided beauty

Fashion woman closeup portrait with red lipstick

This beautiful look is seriously easy. | iStock.com/ZoiaKostina

If you have long tresses, you simply have to take advantage of them by braiding. One of the easiest versions of this look is the side braid. It’s easy enough to pull off if you’re a braiding amateur yet it gives you a salon-quality look. Simply spray hair with a bit of texture product, then bring hair over to one side. Separate into three sections and begin braiding. Tie the end with a clear elastic, then slightly pull apart the pieces of the braid for a lived-in, casual-chic finish that’s both sweet and sophisticated. If you’re a braiding pro, try out a waterfall braid or a fishtail braid.

4. Fringed and dangerous

young woman in portrait

Try bangs for a contrast to your long locks. | iStock.com/SanneBerg

Another gorgeous ’do that can completely transform your look is adding bangs to your long locks. A straight-across, fringe bang works for a number of face shapes. However, if you’re hesitant to take the plunge by going for a full bang, have your hair stylist start small with shorter, face-framing layers or a side-swept long bang, then work your way to a full fringe if you feel so inclined.

5. Bun fun

young woman with hair bun

A bun is timeless. | iStock.com/michaeljung

When you have long hair, sometimes you just need to get it off your shoulders. A bun is one of the fastest ways to do so, and it brings a bit more beautiful appeal than a simple ponytail. Pull your hair back, then lightly spray your strands with a texturing product or apply a bit of styling mousse. Then, simply twist the length of the ponytail around the ponytail holder at your head and secure it with another hair tie. For a messier look, pull out a few strands and finish with another spritz of hair spray. (Add flowers if you’re feeling particularly festive.)

6. Beachy tresses

Slim and toned young woman looking out to sea

Try a beachy look all year round. | iStock.com/Ondine32

Even if you’re landlocked, you can still achieve a brilliant beachy ’do for your long hair. The great thing about this curly style is the beauty is in its imperfection. It’s meant to be a messier wave. You can use a one-inch barrel curling iron to create a tousled, naturally wavy look. Or simply use a flat iron by curling the wand in a downward-turning motion away from your face for a light wave. Just make sure you prep your locks with a sea salt spray to get the right texture.

7. Side-swept curls

elegant blonde on black background

Update a classic curly style. | iStock.com/soup__studio

This vintage-inspired look is a classic update on pin curls. (Side note: It’s especially perfect for an asymmetrical, one-shoulder gown when you let your locks fall to the bare shoulder.) Start with a deep side part and apply a texturizing mousse to your strands. A roller set will help you achieve the retro-glam effect, or use a large-barrel curling iron. Just make sure you amply spray each section of hair before curling, and again upon removing the rollers to ensure they hold their curl effectively — you want well-defined curls here. Finish by sweeping your locks to one side and spritzing again with hair spray and a shine mist.