The Best Workout Clothing You Can Wear

Well, gents, it’s that time of year again: All the holiday cookies magically disappeared right when you noticed that you gained a couple pounds. Coincidentally, every gym in a 10-mile radius from you is having a massive gym membership discount. It seems that the stars have aligned — as they always do in January — and it is time to finally get reintroduced to working out. Maybe it’s the dreary weather outside, but (no matter how many times you get envious over Michael B. Jordan’s Creed body) you can’t seem to find the motivation to start exercising. Some people may recommend getting a gym buddy, but we of course encourage adding some super stylish exercise clothes to your wardrobe. Because if anything can get us out of bed the quickest, it’s the thought of sporting a brand spankin’ new outfit. Here are five pieces that will work wonders at the gym (and in your closet).

1. Roomy running shorts

running shorts

Source: Mr Porter

You have several ratty T-shirts stashed away in your drawer, but do you have proper running bottoms? Since you can’t exactly rock the stationary bike in a pair of selvedge jeans, roomy pants are a must for any fitness novice. Don’t be fooled by the frills-free design: These shorts from Soar Running are far from basic. We love these because the full-mesh lining and bonded hems are built for comfort, plus they will definitely blend in effortlessly with any other workout gear. If you’re hoping to take your exercise regime to the park or nearest hiking trail come spring, these also have a handy back pocket that’s perfect for storing your keys.

2. A cooling long-sleeved shirt

Source: Nordstrom

Sure, the idea of wearing a long-sleeved shirt to the gym sounds like a good idea — especially when the winter chill has you determined to pile on as many layers as humanly possible. But in reality? You’ll most likely be sweating even more because of the extra fabric. Stop right there, and say hello to our little friend: Nike’s Cool Compresion Dri-FIT shirt. This pick is made out of the brand’s special moisture-wicking fabric, which will keep you feeling cool during even the most challenging circuit. And for an extra cooling mechanism, this top also boasts mesh paneling for extra ventilation. Go ahead, get yourself a grey one — we have a good feeling you’ll barely notice any awkward sweat marks.

3. Wind-resistant running tights

Source: Mr Porter

When you’re hoping to run outdoors — yes, even in the bitter cold — a conventional pair of baggy shorts simply will not cut it. An awesome alternative? These running tights from 2XU. Between the insulating panels, a front membrane geared to reduce the effects of wind chill, and UPF50+ sun protection, think of these as the perfect outdoor pants all year round. In terms of styling a fashion-forward workout outfit, the blue hue will add a cheery pop of color, especially when paired with a grey or black pullover.

4. A punchy pair of sneakers

Source: Mr Porter

Of course, no stylish exercise ensemble is complete without a cool pair of sneakers. With so many punchy colorways on the market, why settle for a ho-hum grey pair? We can assure you that in just a few months, you’ll be bored of them and hoping to try a flashier pair like the other guys in the weight room. Unlike the slew of designer sneakers on the market, these from Neil Barrett are actually practical for exercising. While your case of sticker shock is totally merited, this pair features chrome hardware, leather lining, a quirky print that no other guy at your gym will have, and Vibram soles. Plus, the price will actually motivate you to go the gym and get your money’s worth. But if you’re determined to find a less expensive option, we love this colorful pair from Athletic Propulsion Labs. Before you click “add to cart,” do some extra research to make sure you’re purchasing a pair that’s compatible with your preferred type of workout.

5. A chic muscle tee for the gun show

Source: Macy’s

As any modern man does, you will most likely bee-line it to the weight room. Having chiseled abs would be nice, but the camaraderie among all the guys who bench press, pull-up, and bicep curl seems too cool to resist. Motivate yourself to get some Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson arms with a sleeveless top. Not only is this top from Adidas made of a moisture-wicking poly-cotton blend, which will keep your perspiration at bay, the silhouette itself is a more sophisticated alternative to the bro-tastic lacrosse pinnie. Waiting to wear this until your biceps and triceps are nicely defined will be frustrating, but the result will be so worth it.

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